Vism Ambidextrous Pistol Holster

Happy Chinese New Year to all you Bloggers and  Shooters

Well here we are, at the end of Feb already and just getting into the celebrations to kick off the Chinese New Year in style. Which is  more than the Ukrainians are getting at the moment……………..(Poor Buggers) Sounds like the Russians are regretting the decision they made a few decades ago and are looking to take back the old Soviet Satellite Countries again, starting with the Ukraine. What we need to do is send in the “Expendables” Team. They will sort those “Russkies” out in no time. (I should know, I’ve seen them do it on the movies twice, ha ha ha.)

I’ve been talking in the last few Blogs about all the new and exciting accessories that can be bought for your favorite toys these days and this next one is no exception. It is the Vism Ambidextrous Pistol Holster ~ O100*. This is one of the few truly, totally, ambidextrous holsters that can be used on either hip, thigh, back or chest, on either side. So if you are a dedicated “South Paw” or a “Lefty” or you like to carry 2 pistols (one on each side) then these are the holsters for you.

If you are going to carry a sidearm or 2, around for whatever mission you are doing, then one (sorry 3) of the most important things to take into consideration is: a) Is it comfortable to wear, b) does the rig stay stable (or does it flop around) when you move & c) does it keep my sidearm secure. So if you can tick all 3 box’s then this is a good start to selecting a Combat Holster. If you have to wear a sidearm for any extended time, ie: 8hr’s plus a day, then the “Bitch Better Be Comfortable” as they say. Who wants to wear something that you have to keep adjusting and fiddling with all day……………..I’ve had one of those and it is a Bloody nuisance. So you definitely want a holster that is so comfortable to wear, that you don’t know you have it on.

The next thing is – does your Holster Rig stay stable when you move. Now lets face reality here, in a battle zone there is lots of movement of all types, Jumping up, Jumping down, Rolling over, Crawling about, Running, Crouching, Sitting, Lying down on your Back & Front. Have I missed any types of movement…………Probably. So anything that is fitted onto your belt or your chest rig has to be able to take a lot of movement and yet still remain a stable platform. There is nothing that “Pisses” me off more than a holster that flap’s around and bangs into your leg (or Chest) all day long………….Worse than a nagging wife!!! You want a holster that “Shut’s Up” and stays in one place.

The other thing that you need in a holster is “Security” which means that when you reach for your pistol, you know that it’s going to be there for you, not………..”Where the F**k did that drop out” This usually happens at a most inopportune time, like when your Primary Weapon has just run out, a quick grab for your Secondary Weapon, hand comes up empty……………..Oh, Bugger!!! This could be nasty (for You) So Security of your sidearm is a definite must when choosing a holster.

The good folks at Vism/NcStar have done extensive research into what makes a good holster and have come up with the “Vism Ambidextrous Pistol Holster ~ O100*” This Innovative, Ambidextrous, Modular, Molle Holster is fully configurable  for most full size and compact Pistols, with or without fitted tactical Flashlights or Lasers. It has a concealed Grid of eyelets that can be threaded/configured to fit various sizes and shapes of pistols, (how innovative is that???) and can also be Custom Configured to fit around most accessories mounted onto the frame of your pistol. All extra Tube Spacers and Bungee Cords are supplied.

Whereas most holsters will only have 1 x Pistol Retention Device, the Vism Ambidextrous Pistol Holster ~ O100* has 4 x different Pistol Retention Devices to keep your pistol secured in your holster…………….Whoo Hoo!!! How safe is your Pistol now??? You get a Hammer Thumb-Break, Snap Fastener which is fully adjustable, a Grip Retention Bungee Cord with Quick Pull Tab, a 1″ Nylon Grip Retention Strap with Quick Connect Buckles and (Get This!!!) a 1″ Webbing Strap with Snap Fastener for your Pistol Muzzle Stop……….. No more sitting down and having your Pistol Muzzle digging into the ground and clogging up with dirt.

This Vism Ambidextrous Pistol Holster ~ O100* is covered on both sides with Molle so it can be configured for a left hand or a right hand draw and also makes it easy to be attached to other Molle Compatible Gear as it comes with 2 x removable Molle Belt Straps with Snap Fasteners.

I’ve saved the best to last – You can have this amazing holster in 5 x different colours: 1) Desert Coyote Tan, 2) SWAT Black, 3) ACU Digi Camo, 4) Viet Nam Green and 5) Urban Assault Grey. Now you can Colour Co-ordinate your Vism Ambidextrous Pistol Holster ~ O100* to your own Tactical Set-Up………………..You Beaut!!!!!

Top Holster, Reasonable Price………………What more can I say!!!!!

A Secure Pistol is a Happy Pistol………………………………The “Quartermaster”Vism Ambidexterous Digi Camo HolsterVism Ambidexterous Green HolsterVism Ambidexterous Tan HolsterVism Ambidexterous Black Holster





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