NcStar Octagon Series 1.1-4x Scope.

A Very Happy New Year to all you shooters and Bloggers

Well here we are in Feb 2015, (I have been on holiday for the last month so no Blogs for Jan.) The planet hasn’t Crashed yet so all is well. No Volcanic Eruptions, No Tsunami’s, No Major Earthquakes, No Asteroid Crashes…………………Whew!!! looks like we are going to survive another year. We could say that 2015 is a year of change in that there are a huge amount of new and exciting accessories that have been invented for guns and equipment. No longer do we have to settle for the Same Old, Same Old Gear anymore. we now have heaps of really “Sh*t-Hot” Good Quality, Accessories to choose from.

Talking of which………………….Have you heard about the New Octagon Scope Series from NcStar????? Whoo Hoo!!! now you don’t have to put up with just boring Round Scopes anymore. This Scope is the latest “Sh*t-Hot” accessory from the good folks at NcStar in Zombie Land for your tactical rifle. The NcStar Octagon Series Scope ~ B72, certainly has the “WOW” Factor as it looks quite different from other scopes with it’s new unique styled, “Octagon” Shaped, Rubber Armoured, scope body which makes this scope pretty near indestructible.

The NcStar Octagon Series Scope ~ B72 has a Variable Magnification of 1.1x – 4x Power which makes this scope ideal for all Tactical Combat Rifles. (Not designed for long range sniper rifles) This would be a great scope for shooting from 50yd’s out to 250yd’s and is small enough to go onto practically any Tactical Assault Rifle that has a Weaver Rail. It would also be a great scope to go onto an Airsoft or Paintball Rifle as the max.- 4x power is more than sufficient for their range of shooting and will take the hits without breaking anything.

The NcStar Octagon Series Scope ~ B72 comes with a Off-Set, 45 deg, Rheostat Knob that turns on your illuminated reticle for all your Low-Light (Zombie Time,) Shooting. You have a choice of a Red Reticle or a Blue Reticle with multiple brightness settings for each colour. (How’s that for Sh*t-Hot???) It has Multi-Coated Lens and a Quick-Focus Eyepiece for a crystal , clear image as well as “Flip-Up” Lens Covers for maximum lens protection. This is another good reason why this scope will be perfect for Airsoft & Paintball Rifles as well.

This scope comes with a set of Extra Strong 30mm Weaver Rings to keep your scope “Rock Solid” under all circumstances and a spare battery so that “Murphys Law” doesn’t let you down at the most in-opportune moment. The reticle is a simple “Mil-Dot” illuminated reticle, that is ideal for quick acquisition of targets and is easy to operate………………”Put dot on target and squeeze trigger………….Job Done!!!

So lets check out the technical details -

1) Objective Diameter – 20mm

2) Tube Diameter – 30mm

3) Field of View @ 100yd’s – 82.7ft – 22.5ft

4) Eye Relief – 3.3in’s – 3.9in’s

5) Weight – 13.8oz

6) Length – 9.6in’s

7) Click Value – 1/2 M.O.A.

8) Lens Coating – Green

So if you are in the market for something a little different from the ordinary and built like the Proverbial “Brick Sh*t House” then this good looking, Bad Boy Scope is the one for you. (anything Rubber Armoured is good in my books.)

Happy Hunting……………………..The “Quartermaster”

NcStar Octagonal Scope Mil Dot. Compact


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