NcStar Broken Shell Extractor

A Warm Xmas Greeting to all you Bloggers and Shooters.

It’s that time of the year when we all get a dose of the “Warm & Fuzzys”, “Peace & Goodwill”, “Happiness & Good Cheer”, Strawberries & Champagne” to all…………………….. Horse Shit!!!!! Tell that to the folks in Syria, Afghanistan, The Congo, South Africa, Ukraine, Pakistan, Iraq, and all those other countries that are experiencing civil unrest. Not much Warm Xmas Cheer there. Santa would have to have a couple of G.E. Mini Guns strapped to his slay if he was going to deliver any Xmas Prezzies in those countries. The only time you would get the Warm & Fuzzy feeling (in one of those countries) is with a Hot, Smoking AK in your hands.

So, it would pay not to holiday on “Planet X” this Xmas, where all those countries reside. Back to the Real World where we law abiding, civil people reside though, there is a “Plan B” little tool that everyone should have in their “Just-In-Case” Kit. This could save you from a whole lot of “Horse Shit” coming down on your head if things decided to turn bad. When you are in the middle of a Fire Fight and then all of a sudden you pull the trigger and all you get is a “CLICK!”…………..(No Bang) You quickly turn your AK, FN, or M-4 to the side to discover that your extractor has just ripped the head of a fired case and jammed a new round into the rest of the case that is left in your breech. What do you do?

I can hear you say………………”WTF can I do now!!!” Then you have a “Light Bulb” moment, when you remembered that you had bought a “Plan B” piece of kit off the Quartermaster…………..A NcStar Broken Shell Extractor ~ W129! …………..Problem Solved!!! A quick flick to get the live shell out of the breech, throw in the NcStar Broken Shell Extractor ~ W129, slam the bolt forward and then grab the charging handle and pull it back hard, extracting the split case at the same time…………….Job Done! You are back in action again. Otherwise you are sitting around (in the middle of a fire fight) with your finger up your bum holding only a Club……………Not a good look.

Even if you are just down at the range shooting some reloaded cases, the same thing could happen, and (just like insurance) for a very small monetary outlay, you are fully covered. The NcStar Broken Shell Extractor ~ W129 has just saved the day. It certainly beats putting your jammed rifle back into it’s gun bag, and going home cursing to yourself about Crap Ammo and no one having a Broken Shell Extractor handy.

Now for the really great news……………….The NcStar Broken Shell Extractor ~ W129 comes in 3 of the most popular calibers -

1) AK/SKS Rifles – 7.62×39 Cal. ~ W129. Weight – 0.5oz.

2) AR15/Mini 14 Rifles – 5.56×45 Cal ~ W130. Weight – 0.3oz.

3) FN/M14 Rifles – 7.62×51 Cal ~ W131. Weight – 0.7oz.

All manufactured from High Grade Steel and will fit easily into any pouch or gun bag.

So the morale of the story is – “Don’t get caught with your pants down around your ankles” always have a “Back Up Plan”

Happy Festive Shooting………………………………..The “Quartermaster”


NcStar AK & SKS Broken Shell Extractor

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