NcStar 3 x Dot Magnifier

A Big Xmas Howdy all you Bloggers and Shooters from the “Quartermaster”

Yep, we are nearly there now, Santa has my new toys all packed and ready to go, summer is coming, looks like it is going to be a great Xmas this year. I hope also that Santa is Stuffing your Stockings full of goodies from the Quartermasters Website Store and that all you Bloggers and Shooters are getting plenty of Shooting, Airsoft and Paintball Gaming¬† in before the holidays. I’ve heard tell from the Big Red Man himself that the vast majority of presents this year are either Infectious Disease Suits or Guns and Tactical Gear. (or both) ………….W.T.F!!!!!

So! you might be asking yourself……………What the Hell is next year going to bring!!! We know for a fact that there are certain places in this world that are not what you would call “Great Holiday Spots” my only concern is that these “Don’t Go To” places seem to be increasing, so What The Hell is going on??? Which brings me to a new little item that could make your view of things a little clearer. This is the NcStar 3 x Optic Magnifier ~ R50. Finally we have something for those shooters that use a Dot Sight of some sort and would like a bit more magnification for those slightly longer shots.

We all know that using a “Dot Sight” is a very fast way to acquire your target and is designed primarily for close in, multiply target scenarios,¬† now attaching a NcStar 3 x Optic Magnifier ~ R50 behind your “Dot Sight” (either Tube or Reflex sight) this will give you more range from your sight. What this means in real terms is that you will be able to use your “Dot Sight” to see your target at greater distances and the dot wont have a tendency to obscure your target. So now you can use your “Dot Sight” like a small Tactical Scope and it can be put on in seconds, (or taken off in seconds if the Zombies get that close)

Lets check out the Spec’s of this great little item.-

1) 3 x Magnification for clearer target identification

2) Manufactured from tough Aircraft Grade Aluminum

3) Comes with a Black Anodizing color

4) A 30mm Tube that comes with Ring Mount

5) Overall Height – 2.7in (with ring)

6) Overall Length – 4.6in

7) Overall Weight – 8.6oz (with ring)

8) Prismatic Lens that provides a super sharp, clear image with a rubber “Quick Focus” ring

9) A Vertical and a Horizontal adjustment Knobs for sighting in your “Dot”

With one of these items you can now give your “Dot Sight” a “Longer Pair Of Legs” so to speak which in turn will give you a Tactical Advantage, which could mean the difference between – “Taking the Hit” or “Making The Hit” ……………Check them out on my Website.

Wishing you all a Very, Merry and Happy Xmas for 2014………………………The “Quartermaster”


NcStar 3x Magnifier

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