Vism Micro Green Dot/Laser Combo

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With the Ebola Death Toll mounting every day and people with the disease popping up in lots of countries now, one has to be a little careful about when and where one intends to travel these days. The last thing you want to bring back with you is a case of Zombie-itis and then get caught coming through immigration and end up being put in isolation till you die………………….Not a good way to start your day in your home country!!! So lets check out the latest piece of Zombie Insurance on the market today.

What I’m talking about is a very small, lightweight, Dot Sight and Laser Combo that is new to the market from the good folks at NcStar/Vism back there in Zombie land. It’s  the Vism Micro Green Dot & Red Laser Combo ~ R57. This is one heck of a lightweight combo if I have ever seen one, (and I’ve seen a few) weighing in at only 3.8oz. In times of emergency………… cant beat LIGHT! at any other time …………….Light Is Good! especially if it is you that ends up carrying it.

What this Vism Micro Green Dot & Red Laser Combo ~ R57 gives you is a 24hr, night & day Tactical Advantage over Iron Sights and Straight Scopes. It gives you a faster acquisition of targets, day or night using the bright Green Dot Reflex Sight for your daytime targets and using the Red Laser for night time targets. So you get the best of both worlds (so-to-speak) with this sight………………Did I mention that it’s “Light” as well???

Ok. Lets check out the Tech Data on this Beaut little Sight. -

1) You get an Ultra Bright 3 MOA Sized Green Dot, with 5 different brightness settings that comes with Windage & Elevation adjustment knobs.

2) You get an integrated, independently adjustable, Red Laser with a power rating of 635 -655nw which also comes with Windage & Elevation adjustment screws.

3) The body is manufactured from hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum and has a single Rheostat knob on the side that controls both the Green Dot and the Laser.

4) The Magnification is 1 x with an objective lens diameter of 25mm, a short overall length of 2.44in’s and a multi coated lens colour of Platinum.

5) This whole package comes with an integrated Weaver Mounting System that will fit most Weaver or Picatinny Rails, and get this……………………….It’s Bloody Light!!! only 3.8oz’s.

So if you are after a ultra compact, Dot Sight/Laser Combo for your Primary Combat Weapon, Check this baby out, you wont be disappointed. The added bonus here is that you can mount this dot sight onto your Shotgun, your Pistol, your SMG and it will also mount onto your Airsoft and Paintball Guns………………….How about That!!! Check it out on our website.

Happy Hunting……………………………The “Quartermaster”

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