NcStar Green Dot with Red Laser Sight

A very warm Spring Greeting to all you Bloggers and Shooters

Well it certainly has been a while since I last did a blog, so I thought it might be a good idea to put “Pen To Paper” (so-to-speak) and rustle up some great new items to discuss with everyone. With the threat of Ebola and the Zombie Apocalypse looming over us all, it is probably a good time to practice up on our accuracy for Head Shot shooting in the near future, and what better way than with a Green Dot/Red Laser Combo on your Tactical Zombie Killing Machine. If this pandemic takes hold in any country, there is going to be a lot of crazies running around causing mayhem so it pays to have a little, back-up “insurance”

One of the latest items from the folks at NcStar in Zombie-land that we are going to talk about is the NcStar Armoured 3 Rail Sighting System ~ R49. At first glance, this Dot Sight looks like a really sturdy looking piece of kit with its armoured 3 rail housing that encapsulates the sight and is detachable if needed. This armoured cover is an absolute bonus if you have to use your rifle like a club on the Zombies as it will protect your Dot Sight/Laser from the harshest of conditions and the knocks and bumps of the battlefield.

The NcStar Armoured 3 Rail Sighting System ~ R49 is basically a Green Dot Reflex Sight with an Integrated Red Laser combined with a 3 Rail Armoured Cover…………………..You Beaut!!! This is definitely one heck of a Compact Optical System that is packed with a great many features. You can have your Green Dot as your primary targeting system and your Red Laser as your secondary targeting device, that gives you 24 hour, Day & Night capabilities.

With the NcStar Armoured 3 Rail Sighting System ~ R49 you can use the Green Dot Sight or the Red Laser individually or you can have the option of using them both at the same time which is great in Low Light conditions. The Red Laser is just the thing for quick, close in, point shooting at night, and in low light buildings or houses. This combo sight will fit onto most Weaver or Picatinny Rails with it’s Auto-Locking, Quick Release Mount which incorporates a Rail Tension Adjustment Screw for a more secure fit to your Rail.

So lets see how much “Bang” you get for your “Buck”- First off and one of the great things about this sighting system is that you get unlimited eye relief plus excellent peripheral vision as it is a “Both Eyes Open” sight, that gives you very quick target acquisition. Dont forget the tough, black anodized aluminum construction with a toughened amoured hood for the really rough missions. The integral Red Laser is fully adjustable for windage and elevation as is the Green Dot, that is fully adjustable for windage and elevation as well. (No Excuse for Missing then)

The Green Dot has 5 brightness settings to accommodate every daylight situation, with quick action, increase and decrease intensity buttons and uses a long life, 3 volt, Lithium CR123A  battery (which is included) This battery powers the Red Laser as well. The battery compartment is located in the front of the unit and needs no tools to screw on or off, The Class IIIa Laser has a max. output of <5mW with a wavelength of 635 – 655 Power Output, and a power operating voltage of 4.5 DC.

Attached to the Armoured Cover are 2 Side Mounted Weaver Rails that are 80mm long, and 1 Top Mounted Weaver Rail, also 80mm long. These will take any accessories that you wish to mount onto them like Flashlights or Compact Tactical Scopes, etc. The Green Dot size is 2 MOA, which is not too big and not too small………………….(Just right for those Zombie Heads) So my comrades, check out the picture below and all rush off and get one.

Happy Hunting……………………….The “Quartermaster”


NcStar 3 Rail Armoured Dot Sight




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