ATI Mauser 98 Scope Mount

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Looking out my window the weather reminds me of a bad day at the Somme, (without the explosions from the Artillery shells though) so it is a good time to put pen to paper and talk about something that has been around for over 100 years. We have all heard of the German made Mauser line of rifles that were invented by Paul Mauser and his brother Wilhelm Mauser. Their rifle was accepted by the Prussian Government in Dec. 1871 and put into service with the Prussian Army in Feb. 1872. Their rifles went on to equip the German Armies in both world wars and several other countries copied them as well in a variety of calibers. In fact the Mauser rifle has been used in most major conflicts, in one form or another, around the world up until today.

That certainly is a testament to the ruggedness and reliability of the Mauser Rifle. The GEW98 and the K98 Mauser Rifles also make good sniper rifles as well as excellent hunting rifles, their 7.92 (8mm) x 57 cartridge is big enough to knock most game down easily. Most of you collectors and shooters these days, will at some time have owned at least 1 or 2 Mauser’s, and usually if one is good enough to be a shooter then that is the one you usually like to “scope-up” to get a little more accuracy out of it. This is where the good folks at ATI have stepped up to the challenge with their ATI Mauser 98 Scope Mount ~ Y36, for all “Large-Ring” Mauser’s. (it wont fit the Swedish Mauser or Small Ring Mauser’s though)

“Wunderbar” you might say, now you can scope-up that old Mil-Spec Mauser that has been gathering dust in the back of your gun cabinet, which in turn might make you a little keen to take it out to the range and put a few rounds though it………………Which is always a nice experience!!! Now if you are going to put one of these ATI Mauser 98 Scope Mounts ~ Y36 on to your Mil-Spec Mauser, there are a few things you should know about before you start.

The first (and most important) thing is that while the modifications don’t require a gunsmith, they do require a certain level of skill with a Dremil or a chisel and a file as you have to remove some of the wood from the inside of the stock, just in front of the Barrel Lug so that the barrel clamp that is supplied can fit in snuggly without any sideways slop. This has to be done first as the Scope Mount bolts on to the clamp at that end.

The second important thing to remember is that if you are fitting this mount to a “Straight Bolt” or a “Wide-Arc” Bolt Mauser, like for eg – a GEW98 Mauser, then you will need a Bent Bolt Conversion fitted, otherwise your bolt will hit the scope when you try to lift the bolt up and if you try to force it you will probably end up smashing your scope………………..Not a good look in the middle of a firefight. Luckily for you, Quartermaster Supplies has a good supply of Bent Bolt Conversion Kits in stock…………….Just check them out on my website.

So, if you have done all that, it is just a matter of fitting the scope mount and bolting it down so that it wont move under recoil. A handy little tip you can use is to put a drop of “Lok-Tite” on the threads of the grub screws, that will lock them all in place and they wont come loose with the fairly substantial recoil from the 7.92 (8mm) cartridge. (Tip #2) If you don’t have any Lok-Tite in your workshop, you can use the Wife’s or the Girlfriends “Nail Vanish” and it doesn’t matter what colour either. Just paint a little on the Screw Threads and then do them up and it will set in place……………….You Beaut, Kiwi Ingenuity!!!!!

All of the installation instructions come with the ATI Mauser 98 Scope Mounts ~ Y36 so you wont get caught short on anything. Now you can transform your old Mil-Spec Mauser into a “Tack-Driving, Sniper Rifle” that can punch holes in Zombie heads at 900mtrs or simply bag that Deer for the freezer out at 600mtrs.

Happy Hunting……………………..The “Quartermaster”

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