Professionals Choice Barrel Patches

“May Madness” Greetings to all you Bloggers and Shooters

“Something New, Something Old” as they say………………….(Don’t ask me Who said it!!!) is the theme of today’s Blog. What I mean by this is that the “Quartermaster” has Something New, (and very reasonably priced) to add to his website, that has been around ever since guns were invented…………….(the Something Old) Nearly every shooter in the world will have used something similar to this at one stage or another on their guns. I myself over the past 30 – 40 years of shooting and collecting have used thousands of these things. But then I was a little pedantic about clean barrels on the the pieces that I have owned in the past.

After a days shooting at the range, on returning home, out would come the Solvent, Oil, Brushes and Cleaning Patches and I would strip down the Firearm, clean it thoroughly, lightly oil everything then re-assemble it and put it to bed. A “Clean Gun is a Reliable Gun.” If you doubt me on this, ask any Viet Nam Vet!!! Sometimes a clean gun can save a life. (Usually Yours)

Enough of the “Burble” and on with the “Good Oil”………………Quartermaster Supplies have landed a supply of Pre-Cut, Barrel Cleaning Patches from the “Professionals Choice Co.” in the USA. These patches are genuine US manufactured, 100% Cotton Flannel Cleaning Patches, all pre-cut to whatever caliber you want and in a handy, lite-weight, snap-lock bag that is small enough to fit anywhere. Pop one in your Pocket, Chuck one in your Pack, Stick one in your Webbing, Throw one into your Tactical Vest, Biff one in your Battle Belt, whatever war you find yourself in, make sure you have a pack of the “Professionals Choice” Barrel Cleaning Patches with you.

We have on hand Square Cut Cleaning Patches from .22 caliber up to 12g shotgun caliber, and everything in-between, (sorry, we don’t have patches for the 30mm Vulcan Gun yet!!!!!) Now the other bonus is that all you Airsoft Super Gamers can benefit from clean barrels as well. (Yes!!! 6mm Airsoft Barrels do get dirty and will jam up your gun usually at the worst possible moment, leaving you open to getting shot as well) We have a dedicated .25 cal / 6mm Cotton Flannel Cleaning patch just for you. Remember……..Clean Barrels = Less Jams = Less Getting Shot!!!

For those shooters that still like to cut their own patches, we have in stock the 10 yard long x 4 in’s wide Rolls of 100% Cotton Flannel Cleaning Cloth that comes pre marked with guide linesĀ  every 2 in’s. These are easy to cut or tear off into whatever lengths you want. (If you have a 30mm Vulcan in your collection, this is the one you will need) For those of you that are fortunate to own a Battle Ship with 36 in Main Guns, check with me first, I have a line on “Polar Fleece Blankets” that would make great barrel cleaning patches……….Ha Ha Ha! Who Sez we Can’t Clean it.

Check out the new “Gun Cleaning Gear” on my website.

Happy Cleaning………………………………..The “Quartermaster”








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