NcStar Med. Binoculars 10 x 50 Power

I Hope All You Bloggers And Shooters Had A Very, Very Merry New Year.

As we are starting off the new year with an Optical Theme, I thought I would add another pair of Bino’s to the Blog list, the “All-rounder,” Good for Everything, NcStar Medium Sized 10 x 50 Power Binoculars ~ P26.…………………(I call these the “Tank Commander” Bino’s) So if you do nothing else about having Binoculars in your “Kit Bag” you must have a set of these in there for the following reasons. First of all, these are a great all-rounder pair of Bino’s, the one pair for most applications, whether you are in Baghdad on a Bad Day, or Kabul on a Quiet Day, or Cruising down the Congo River after Rebels on a wet day, or maybe just checking out the Bird Life on the local Nudest Beach, these “Big, Bad, Puppies” will do it all. Whether we are in a city, or on a river or maybe in the bush, or up in the mountains, these Bino’s will get the job done for you.

One of the main reasons that I like these NcStar Medium Bino’s 10 x 50 ~ P26, is that they are covered in a Black Armoured, Rubberized Coating that is pretty near indestructible and they are not that big & bulky that they feel like they weigh a ton or get in the road when you are trying to shoot something. On the contrary, I feel that these are a medium size Bino, being only 7.1 inches long and weigh a moderate 35.3 oz. So, not super small and not super big, but a great all-round pair of Bino’s. Just the thing to have in your Tank or your Armoured Humvee, on your “Recon Op”, or chucked into the top of your “Day Pack” for your “Stealth Recon Mission,” or maybe Propped up on the bridge of your yacht, so that you can keep a keen lookout for Pirates. You can even tuck them into the top of your Chest Rig when you are on your “Zombie Kill Missions.”

Hot or Cold Temperatures, Dusty or Wet Conditions, makes no difference to these “Bad Boy Bino’s” as they are water proof and fog proofed, the result of being filled with Nitrogen and O-Ring sealed to keep the Damp or Dusty conditions out. The large 50.0mm Objective Diameter Front Lens are multi coated with a Ruby Coating, to give a Large, Crisp, Clear Picture, and being a 10 x Fixed Power, (no zoom) means that it is simpler to operate, (just – Point, Focus and you’re there) The Focus Knob is in the middle, so it is ambidextrous and very easy to operate. Having a large 50.0mm front lens also means that you get a field of view of 325 ft at 100 yds………………………(The Big Picture!!!) For fine tuning your focus for each eye, there is a +/- fine tuner on your eye piece so that both eyes can see with crystal clarity.

With this whole package you get a Soft Carry Case, a Neck Strap and Rubber Lens Caps, plus if you ever wish to mount these Bino’s on a Tripod, all you have to do is unscrew the cap at the front and ………………Voila!!! your Bino’s are Tripod Adapter Compatible. (just make sure your Tripod has a “Goose Necked” Binocular Adapter) You get a choice of colours with this model, 1) Night-Time Tactical Black ~ P26 and 2) Day-Time Camo /O.D. Green ~ P34. So in summing up, if you only wanted 1 pair of Bino’s in your “GTW Kit” I think that these NcStar Medium 10 x 50 Power Bino’s ~ P26 & ~ P34′s are the “Duck’s Nutt’s” So much so that I’ve got a pair in my Kit and the “Icing On The Cake”…………………..they are SOOO Reasonably Priced!!! Check them out on my web site.

Happy Hunting Comrades…………………………………….The “Quartermaster”



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