NcStar Compact Bino’s 10 x 25 Power

A very warm Happy New Year to all you Shooters and Bloggers

As you will have probably noticed, we are starting off the New Year with an Optical Theme, and what better way than the “Covert Way” (sort of Sneaking into January, Ha Ha Ha.) As I mentioned in my last Blog, It always pays to have some form of “Optical Enhancement” in your “War Chest” to give you an edge, and while having a scope on your rifle is good, it is a bit more difficult to “Scope Around”  freely and covertly with your rifle attached. This is where a good pair of Bino’s comes into it’s own, and while I advocate that “Big Is Better” when it comes to Optics for most applications, there are some situations where “Small and Compact” has its advantages.

The most immediate one that comes to mind is when you are on the move quickly and quietly, and stealth and time is of the essence, which in turn translates into the weight of gear that you can carry quickly and quietly. This is a varied amount as everyone is different in the amount of weight that you can carry, the priorities of gear for the particular situation that you want to have access to and of course, how fast you have to run with it…………………..(Most Important!!!) Oh, I almost forgot……………..and how many Zombies are chasing you at the time!!! So in this case, I would say that “Small or Compact” definitely has it’s advantages as most of the time that you are on the move, your most pressing issues are all within 50 – 300 mtrs (approx)

This is where the NcStar Compact 10 x 25 Binoculars ~ P33 come in real handy, as they are only 4.8 inches long and weigh a mere 6.8 oz’s and fold up enough to slip into your pocket, you also get a Neck Cord so that you can hang them around your neck, there is a Belt Pouch included, so that you can carry them on your Tactical Belt. (You just got to love those Multiple Carrying Applications!!!) The other thing that is a Plus with these Compact Bino’s is that they are covered in a Black (for Nighttime Op’s) Tough Rubber Armoured Coating or you can have them in a O.D. Green (for Daytime Op’s) Tough Rubber Armoured Coating. So they are really built to take on any of “Mother Natures” harsher elements. (or War Zones!!!)

The NcStar Compact 10 x 25 Binoculars ~ P33 have a 25mm  Objective Diameter Front Lens that are multi coated with a Ruby Coating, Nitrogen filled and O-Ring Sealed, to give a Large, Crisp, Clear Picture, and being a 10 x Fixed Power, (no zoom) means that it is simpler to operate, (just – Point, Focus and you’re there) The Focus Knob is in the middle, so it is ambidextrous and very easy to operate. Having a 25mm front lens also means that you get a field of view of 331 ft at 100 yds………………………(The Big Picture!!!) For fine tuning your focus for each eye, there is a +/- fine tuner on your eye piece so that both eyes can see with crystal clarity.

So when you are choosing a set of Bino’s for your GTW Kit, it would pay to have a set of “Covert Bino’s” for those “Sneaky Beak” Missions, and when it all turns to “SH*T” and you have to Shoot & Skoot, these lightweight, compact Bino’s will let you check out the opposition and stop you from barging into a real sticky situation.

But Wait There’s More!!!…………………………..They are so reasonably priced, you can get one in each colour and still have heaps of change left over from $100.00………”Way-To-Go Bob!!!

Happy Hunting…………………………………………..The “Quartermaster”




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