FN FAL Quad Rail’s

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Today I want to talk about the “Tufforce” FN FAL Quad Rail ~ G18. Until recently it was very difficult to purchase any accessories for the FN FAL and the SLR L1A1 family of rifles, and what did occasionally come up for sale was so¬† horrendously expensive that you had to think twice about buying it. Tufforce have come to the party with a Weaver / Picatinny Quad Rail Forend that not only looks good but is built super tough out of Aircraft Grade 6061 Hardened Aluminum with a Tough Black Anodized finish. It bolts straight on exactly the same as an original FN or SLR forend (It will fit Both Models)………………..No problem there!!!! And what it is designed to do is Up-Skill your rifle by making it more versatile for whatever the situation is that you are in. Here are a couple of examples that I can think of -

1) Medium Range Tactical Sniper Rifle – By mounting a Bipod on the bottom rail and a short “Scout” long eye relief scope on the top rail……………………… Done!!!!!

2) Close Contact (CQB) Tactical Carbine – By mounting a Front Pistol Grip on the bottom rail, a Red Dot Holo’ Sight on the top rail and a Laser and Flashlight on either side for night or day Op’s……………………. Done!!!!!

“.308 for CQB????? = Good for You,………………….. Bad for Them!!!!!”

Lots of holes all around the Quad Rail keep the heat dissipation at a maximum level which means better shot placement and a cooler front end.

An added bonus with this Quad Rail is that it will fit on all FN FAL, Para FN and SLR L1A1 Airsoft Rifles as well, so you can do the same as the above examples with your Airsoft Rifle.

And they just look great on your rifle, Check out the picture -

TUFFORCE FN FAL / L1A1 QUAD RAIL FOREND ~ G18 - Click Image to Close

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