ATI Rifle, Magazine Dust Covers

A Very Happy Xmas to all the Readers of my Blog

It is so close to Xmas now, Sun is Shining, No Snow, Snoopy hasn’t been shot down by the Red Barron yet, and all is well. Whoo Hoo! The “Calm Before The Storm” maybe??? So I just thought I would do a quick blog before Xmas to let you all know about a couple of little Xmas Stocking Fillers that will make your life a little easier in the long run. Let me first run a couple of scenarios past you so that you can see what I am talking about. 1) If the bulk of your Fighting & Shooting is done in the “Stan” (Afghanistan) in sandy/dusty conditions, and you will be “Ninjaing” around in the dust and dirt, them these little items will save your life. 2) If though the bulk of your Fighting & Shooting is done in the “Mekong Delta” (During the wet season) and you tend to roll around in the mud alot, then these little items will also save your life. 3) or if you do alot of hunting in New Zealand Bush Conditions during our winter, – very wet and muddy, then these little items could save you from missing your target.

So, my friends, just what are we going on about here?……………………… We are talking about the ATI AR15 Magazine, Rubber Dust Covers ~ Y31 and the ATI AK47 Magazine, Rubber Dust Covers ~ Y67. These great little items slip over your Loaded or Unloaded Mag’s to stop mud or dust or twigs, or any sort of Sh*t getting into your mag’s which could effect the reliability of your rifle, by jamming it up, or making it misfire. Now as we all know, this usually happens at the worst possible moment, (“Murphy’s Law” Happens) Dont forget the old saying, – “A Clean Rifle is a Reliable Rifle” and that applies to the ammo as well!!! If you doubt me, just check out the movie “The Hurt Locker” and see what happens when you get Blood & Sh*t all over your .50 cal ammo………………could have gone horribly wrong!!!

Everyone that uses an AK or an AR type rifle should seriously consider these Rubber Dust Covers for their mags as they could save you a whole lot of pain when it comes to “Missfires” or “Jam-up’s” They are made of soft black rubber so, very easy to pop on and quick to flick off with your thumb. there is 4 x dust covers to a pack, and they are “Cheap As Chips.” Now the other Bonus is that these Dust Covers will fit on your “Airsoft” AR & AK mags as well, which is a good thing as the Electric Rifles are a little susceptible to dust and dirt.

Dont forget to check them out on our website.

Happy Hunting…………………………………………….The “Quartermaster”

ATI AK47 MAG. DUST COVERS ~ Y67 - Click Image to Close

ATI AR-15 MAG. DUST COVERS ~ Y31 - Click Image to Close

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