NcStar Tactical Series 3-9×42 Scope

A Very Warm (Southern Hemisphere) Xmas to all the Bloggers and Shooters out there.

Yep, She’s shaping up to be a very warm Xmas this year down here in little old New Zealand. If you do alot of shooting in open country you will certainly notice the heat more, that if you shoot in the thick bush at this time of year. Talking about shooting this Xmas now, I think this is a good time to check out another great Xmas Stocking Filler from the good folks at NcStar. What we are talking about is the NcStar Tactical Series 3-9×42 Scope ~ B33. So……………………. if your main shooting or hunting style is “Potting” targets, game or Zombies out to 400-500mtrs then this is where a “Vari Power Scope” comes into it’s own. One of the nice things about a “Vari Power” is the ability to wind-up the power settings to suit the distance that you are shooting at. For example, – If you are trying to get out of “Dodge” by walking down the main street and Zombies are popping out of doorways, jumping out of windows and running around the corners to make a meal of you, you wouldn’t be using the full 9x power on your scope, 3x power is plenty as the distance that you are shooting at is only 50mtrs to 150mtrs. If though you are walking down the main street and you spot a bunch of Zombies coming down the road 3-4 blocks away, (300-400mtrs) then you might wind-up the zoom on your scope to 9x to get a more precise head shot on the front ones (AKA – “World War Z”) before you “F**k Off Smartly” in the opposite direction………….LOL!

To put it another way – If you are hunting in sparse bush and it is possible to see out to 150mtrs between the trees, then you would most likely only use the 3x power so that you can get onto your target quicker by having a wider field of view. Then as you travel along you come out onto a wide open plateau that is 300-400mtrs across, this is where you would “crank-up” the power setting on your scope to 9x power so that you can see your targets on the other side clearing, which will give you a more precise head shot at that range. (AKA – “Blood Diamond”) before you “F**k Off Smartly” in the opposite direction and before “All Hell” rains down on your recently vacated position………………….LOL!

So…………………Back now to the real world. The NcStar Tactical Series 3-9×42 Scope ~ B33 is a great little, versatile Tactical Scope that would look good on any Carbine, Assault Rifle or your Short Barreled “B/A” Rifle, as it is only 7.5 inches long. (less than an inch longer that the 4x Scope) and just like the Tactical Series 4×32 Scope that I talked about in my last Blog, the NcStar Tactical Series 3-9×42 Scope ~ B33 (in my opinion) is just as good as the 4×32 Scope but just a bit more versatile in that it has a bigger front lens and can handle the longer distances better. (more “Grunt” for your “Buck” as they say)

Let’s see what the Technical Spec’s are -

1) Magnification – Is a 3x – 9x Vari Power with a tube diameter of 1 in, (25mm) with a compact length of 7.5 in’s.

2) Reticle – Is a P4 Sniper reticle with a Red Illumination option that has 7 levels of intensity, at the quick twist of a dial.

3) Eye Relief – Of 3.0 in’s with a large, front lens, objective diameter of 42.0 mm.

4) A field of view of 37.7 ft at 100 yds, on 3x power, down to 12.5 ft at 100 yds on 9x power.

5) Weight – A very light weight 12.1 oz (excl. Rings) and has a Click Value of 1/2 MOA at 100 yds.

6) Lens Colour – Comes with a Ruby Multi-Coated Lens coating for enhanced light gathering capabilities.

7) And finally – Comes with plastic Lens Covers and a spare Battery for your Reticle Illumination.

So my Xmas Zombie Killers, don’t forget to pop one of these little beauties into your Xmas Stocking, you wont be disappointed. (I just love these tactical series scopes)

Happy Shooting……………………………………..The “Quartermaster”


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