NcStar Tactical Series 4×32 Scope

Ho, Ho, Ho, and a Very Merry Xmas to all you Bloggers

Well, here we are again, nearly Xmas time and all is (still) well!!! Blue Skies, Warm, Sunny Weather and not a Zombie in sight, and not even a sniff of a Pandemic. Boy did they get it wrong!!! So it’s time to think about what little “trinkets” you would like to put into your Xmas Stocking (as it seems like we are going to have another peaceful Xmas) One little “Trinket” that is a must for any Xmas Stocking is the NcStar Tactical Series 4×32 Scope ~ B30. These are one of the shortest Tactical Scopes on the market today at only 6.7 inches in length…………………..How’s that for COMPACT!!! Now a lot of you shooters will be starting to think about now………….”I’ve got 6 scopes, what do I want another one for???” Well for one thing – Small is Light, and Light is Good!!! (especially if it is you that has to Lug it around all day) And another thing, is that a Fixed 4 Power Scope is a “No Nonsense” easy to operate scope that will deliver the goods, every time. Once it is sighted in, you dont have to fiddle with it again, just bring the rifle up, put the cross-hairs on the target and squeeze the trigger…………………Job Done!!! (Simplicity is a must for us older shooters)

The NcStar Tactical Series Scope ~ B30 is a compact scope that is designed for shooting at targets that are from 50 mtrs out to approx. 250 mtrs, so if most of the shooting you do is this relatively close-in type of shooting, then this is the perfect little lightweight scope for your rifle. The Tactical Series of scopes (and there are a few of them that you can check out on our website) are great for putting onto the following rifles. – All airguns, all .177 HMR, .22 and .22 mag. rifles, all 9mm, .30, .40 & .45 cal. Carbines and most intermediate caliber rifles, eg: .222, .223, .243, 7.62×39. The NcStar Tactical Series Scope ~ B30 is also a perfect scope to use on your hunting Crossbow and your Airsoft rifles where your target distance is 50 – 100 mtrs. It doesn’t matter if you are Blasting your way through “Fallujah,” with your M-4 Carbine, Shooting the SH*T out of a bunch of Zombies with your SKS, Bombing-up a mob of Goats with your .45 Ruger Camp Carbine, Hammering the Hell out of the Hares on the farm with your .22 mag AK, or just Plinking away at a few Tin Cans with your Trusty Airgun, the NcStar fixed 4 power scope will handle it all. So you can see by the multiple options here, that this little tactical scope is a “Winner” with most short to medium range Rifles.

Let’s see what the Technical Spec’s are -

1) Magnification – Is a Fixed 4 x Power with a tube diameter of 1 in, (25mm) with a compact length of 6.7 in’s.

2) Reticle – Is a P4 Sniper reticle with a Red Illumination option that has 7 levels of intensity, at the quick twist of a dial.

3) Eye Relief – Of 3.0 in’s with a field of view of 26.2 ft at 100 yds, and an objective diameter of 30.0 mm

4) Weight – A very light weight 8.5 oz (excl. Rings) and has a Click Value of 1/4 MOA at 100 yds.

5) Lens Colour – Comes with a Green Multi-Coated Lens coating for enhanced light gathering capabilities.

6) And finally – Comes with plastic Lens Covers and a spare Battery for your Reticle Illumination.

So my good Comrades-in-Arms, we can see what a great little Tactical Scope this is, and it doesn’t matter if you already have 6 scopes, there is always room for another scope (especially one as versatile as this) in your Gun Cabinet.

Happy Shooting this Xmas……………………………………………………The “Quartermaster”



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