ATI SKS Fiberforce Stock

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I always enjoy talking about one of my favorite rifles and as I have a particular soft spot for the Russian SKS Carbine we will be discussing this rifle today, and the excellent stock accessory that can be had for it. This is probably due to the fact that I have owned many of them in the past (Russian, Chinese, Yugoslav and Czech) and shot these rifles at club events many, many times and always enjoyed the experience. I have come to love the Russian Gun Inventors as they seem to be able (even working under the most severe conditions at times) to produce a firearm that will work anywhere in the world under any circumstances, will outlast most firearms on the planet, and anyone with 1/2 a brain can use it with reasonable success. Now we all know that the SKS is not the “Most Prettiest” Carbine on the block, but with a little “Titivating” here and there, you can have a great looking SKS in no time.

What we are talking about here is taking the wooden stock off and putting a Tactical – ATI SKS (Dragunov Style) Fiberforce Stock ~ Y24/B onto your SKS action…………….”Voila!!!” Job Done!!!………………………From a Frog to a Princess in one quick move!!! and perfectly “A Cat” license Legal for New Zealand Firearms Law. Now we have a “Sweet Looking” Tactical Carbine that is pretty near indestructible with an “soft shooting, intermediate” cartridge that shoots a .30 cal projectile, which will take down just about any living thing on this planet, including “Zombies”……………………..How about that for a all rounder rifle??????? I truly believe that the 7.62 x 39 Cartridge is the Best “All-Round” (cost effective) cartridge in the world. Also having a longer barrel than an AK means you get a bit more accuracy as well so you can pull off those “Flukey” Longer Range Shots. The ATI SKS (Dragunov Style) Fiberforce Stock’s ~ Y24/B will also fit the detachable mag model SKS’s, although there might be a little widening of the Mag-Well needed to take the Detachable Mags, (a simple operation with a file is all)

In saying what a great stock this is, there are a couple of small things that I think could be improved on with this stock. The first thing (and the most Glaring Fault) is that the Fiberforce Stock has a rounded upstanding Lug at the back of the SKS Receiver. While this might look good, you cant strip your top cover and bolt down without removing the stock as the top receiver has to slide backwards off the breech and cant do so because of this Receiver Lug that sticks up. This is where good old “Kiwi Ingenuity” comes in……………1 x Hacksaw, 1 x File and 1 x piece of Fine Sand Paper…………….10 min. and the job is done……………..”Voila!!!” Some folks just cut the whole Lug off, and some cut 1/2 the Lug off and cut a Groove in the middle to allow the Locking Pin Lug on the back of the receiver to slide through. Both modifications work well.

The 2nd thing that can be a bit annoying is the Trigger locking pin that locks the whole trigger group into place at the rear of the trigger. This is normally a “Bitch” of a thing to get off and on at the best of times. Sometimes the Bloody thing is stuck and wont slide very easily, so you end up Belting it with a Hammer and Punch to make it shift and the spring that holds it in place feels like it’s been made out of a Russian Truck Leaf Spring, it’s so damm strong. So when you are trying to fit your new ATI SKS Fiberforce Stock ~ Y24/B to your action, sometimes a little parring out and filing down where it fits into the stock is needed to make the Trigger Group slide and lock into place more easier. You should be able to just push on the Detente Pin with a bullet to release and pop out the trigger group and tap on the Trigger Guard with the heel of your hand to get it locked back in place.

So………………How much “Bang” do you get for your “Buck”?????

So for a start, we have a lighter Stock and in the tried & true Dragunov Style of stock that we know is a very comfortable and easy to line up stock, once again just great for the younger Kids (or even a Big Kid) These ATI Fiberforce Stocks are compatible with Iron Sights or Red Dot Sights or any Optical Sights. For NZ conditions and Law, this stock is a Legal “A Category” Stock so no special endorsements needed on your license to fit one of these to your SKS Rifle. Another Bonus is that it is a very easy, drop in installation, and no special tools are needed to fit this stock to your SKS or your SKK Carbine.

The Package comes with a Ventilated Forend for good Heat Dissipation and a Top Handguard to stop you getting burnt fingers, a built-inĀ  Adjustable, Cheek Rest with a 3M “Soft Touch” Cheek Rest Pad for a smooth, no-bite, Cheek Weld, plus 2 x Sling Swivel Studs for your Quick Release Tactical Sling. The Stock is extremely scratch resistant having been made in the USA from DuPont, Extreme Temperature, Glass Reinforced Polymer which makes it pretty near Darn Indestructible.

Now in my (Humble) opinion, the best (as they say) is yet to come!!! and what I mean by that is that you can have your ATI SKS (Dragunov Style) Fiberforce Stock in 3 different colours, – Tactical Black ~ Y24/B, Desert Tan ~ Y46/T and Destroyer Grey ~ Y45/G, so you can colour co-ordinate your stock to your cammo uniform, check them out on our website.

Well Comrade Bloggers………….Dosvadanya, Have Nice Day!!!………………………….The “Quartermaster”


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