NcStar AR15 Armourer’s Wrench

A Big Howdy to all you Bloggers and you AR15 Shooters out there.

The one thing I like about an AK47 is that you dont need many tools to do a weapon “Strip-Down”…………………… Oooooop’s, Sorry! I’m supposed to be talking about the AR15 today. (Not the AK47…………. Bugger!!!) So if you are one of those shooters that have to have a AR15 or similar, then you are definitely going to need a NcStar AR15 Armourer’s Wrench ~ W22 in your kit. This is the “One-Stop, Strip-Down Shop” tool that will make your disassemble and assemble of your AR a whole lot easier. Made from solid steel and at nearly 13in’s long, with a weight of 20.2oz, (it can double as a “Machete” for smashing Zombie heads in if you are getting low on ammo!) and it is compatible with most AR15 Variants…………….What a Bonus!!! As all of us long-time shooters know that if you have a AR type rifle (or 6) they do need stripping down from time to time for the purpose of cleaning them and if needed swapping worn out parts for new ones. This is where having the right tools for the job make this little chore a whole lot easier and quicker. (Not as quick as an AK Strip’ mind you…………..but that’s another story)

Here’s what you can do with this versatile tool -

1) It has a Barrel Nut Wrench at one end for removing your “Shot-Out” barrel, and replacing it with a new one.

2) It has a Receiver Tube Nut Wrench at the other end for removing your entire butt stock.

3) An A1 Flash Hider Slot Spanner and an A2 Flash Hider Spanner on each side for removing your flash hiders.

4) A 1/2 inch Square opening for a Torque Bar Spanner.

5) 3 holes to put the “Take-Down” Pins into (so that you dont drop them and lose them)

6) A flat head screwdriver at one end for unscrewing your bolt locking pin.

7) A CAR Stock Tube Castle Nut, 3 Point, Wrench for unscrewing your collapsing stock assembly.

8) Gripped at one end it makes a great “Zombie Skull Basher” tool if you are running low on ammo. (you can sharpen one side of it if you were really serious)

Another nice thing about this very versatile tool is that it will fit your AR Type Airsoft and Paintball Rifles, which will make the world of difference to the ease of stripping these type of Toys. So if you are contemplating the purchase of one of the AR family of firearms in the near future, it would be wise to have one of these handy tools as well. It will make your job of stripping and cleaning your favorite “toy” a heck-of-a-lot easier and quicker. Just as well we have plenty of these in stock!!!

Happy Stripping and Cleaning…………………………………The “Quartermaster”




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