Tufforce AR15 Front Sight Dual Mount

A Warm Greeting to all you Bloggers and Shooters

In the world of “Mounting Rails” for Rifles, Shotguns & Pistols, there must be hundreds & hundreds of different varieties, lengths & sizes to choose from. With the right mounting rail, you can practically mount anything on to your Rifle, Shotgun or Pistol……………………….(If you really want “Bizarre” mounted accessories, Check out the “Steam Punk” Weapons on Google.) We at Quartermaster Supplies deal a lot in Mounting Rails for a wide variety of guns and we like to put them to the test to see if they can “Hack-the-Pace” so to speak. One such mounting rail that I am going to talk about today comes from the good folks at “Tufforce Products” (the people that make TOUGH Products) It is the Tufforce AR15 Front Sight Dual Mount ~ G30. Now this little Gadget is designed especially for the AR Nutt (OOOP’s sorry!!!………… I meant AR Enthusiast) who doesn’t want to change his front forend but still wants to have a Laser and a Compact Flashlight on the front of his rifle without having to put rails all over his forend.

It doesn’t matter what weapon you use, sometimes there is a need to have a Laser and/or a Compact Flashlight on your Primary gun. Like for eg: if you do a lot of “Night Op” Missions, or Small Game Hunting at night, or maybe CQB Gaming in low light conditions, or you just might like to Tacticalize up your AR in case of a night time Zombie Attack………………. (Dont forget – it’s easier to do Head Shots in the dark with a Flashlight and a Laser on your gun) So you can see that for some circumstances, having a small 5 Slot Mounting Rail on each side of your Front Sight Post is a good idea, as it keeps your accessories up the front of the rifle and out of the way of the breach area. You can have a Remote Switch for each accessory making the job of switching each one on/off much easier and quicker. One of the nice things about this Dual Mount is that it will fit your AR15 (and Clones) your M16 and also your M-4 Carbine front sight posts……………….How’s That for a Bonus!!!

I have done Bloggs on Tufforce items in the past and I am always Very Happy with their Quality and general Product Toughness. Their Product Finish is just “A1″ as well. So whenever you purchase a Tufforce Product, you can be assured of getting a “Top Notch” item at a reasonable price. This Tufforce AR15 Front Sight Dual Mount ~ G30 is a very light piece of kit as it only weighs 136grams, (4.8oz) and if you feel the need to only put a couple of short rails on the front end of your AR15 so that you can mount up a couple of compact accessories, then look no further that the Tufforce AR15 Front Sight Dual Mount ~ G30. You cant go wrong with this combo.

Happy Hunting…………………………….The “Quartermaster”


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