NcStar “Boar Blaster” Scope Combo

Greetings to all you Hunters, Shooters and Bloggers out there

Over the last few years the “Gun Accessory” business has gone ahead in “Leap’s & Bounds” with ton’s & ton’s of “Tactical” gear, clothing, guns & equipment flooding onto the open market. Some of it is excellent kit, some is pretty average kit and some is downright “Rubbish’. So is seems that the “Rule-of-Thumb” is – you do get what you pay for…………….(Pay Good Money = Get Good Gear, Pay Cheap Money = Get Cheap Gear) People all over the world seem to be buying up Tactical gear & guns by the Truck Load!!! and from what I can observe, one of the main reasons, is that people (Guy’s & Gal’s) of all ages, are getting hooked on “GAMING” not only online computer gaming but Real Life Scenario Gaming……………..Paint Ball, Softair and Nerf Gaming and the great thing about this is that in most countries you dont need a firearms license to own and do it. So not only can you go out and shoot people but after the game you can all go out to the pub together and no one got hurt, then you can do it allover again the following weekend……………….Fantastic!!! You can also collect them, Re Enactors are using them in displays, Steam-Punk folks are turning them into Steam-Punk Guns, Film industries are using them instead of expensive real guns…………..The list of uses is endless.

So my fellow Shooters & Gamers, you might be asking yourselves about now………”What the Hell has all this got to do with the NcStar “Boar Blaster” Scope Combo ~ B66/C???” …..……… Everything my friends, everything! It doesn’t matter whether you are a Shooter, a Hunter, a Gamer, a Prepper, a Warrior or a Zombie Hunter, most of you are going to have a scope set-up on one or several of your rifles. Well look no further……..Have I got a deal for you!!!!! (Said the insurance salesman to the prostitute) This is the set-up that you can use 24-7, day or night. Not only do you get a Compact Scope, for daylight use, you get a powerful Green Laser and a compact Flashlight for your night time Op’s, one piece of kit for night and day??? you bet!!! Why muck around with putting accessories all over your rifle when you can have them all together in one compact unit??? Keeping in mind that this set-up is not really intended for a long range rifle that you intend on shooting targets from 300 mtrs out to 1000 mtrs. Neither the fixed 4 x power scope, the Laser or the Flashlight have the range for those distances.

No, my fellow Shooters & Gamers, this Tactical set-up is designed for the rifle that you will use for CQB scenarios, F.I.B.U.A. (Fighting In Built Up Areas) Jungle Warfare, Zombie Hunting, Airsoft & Paintball Gaming, Small Game Hunting and the such like…………………..When things get Fast & Furious, Night or Day, this is the Scope Set-up that covers all the bases and lets face it – Those with a Tactical Advantage, usually get to live and fight another day!!! So lets see what you get with the NcStar “Boar Blaster” Scope Combo ~ B66/C. -

1) The “Top-Of-The-Range” NcStar Mk3 Tactical Scope ~ B66 with 4 x Fixed Power, P4 Sniper, Red & Green Illuminated Reticle that comes with “Target Turret Knobs” for windage and elevation adjustment and has a built in Bullet Drop Compensator.

2) The whole system sits on a very solid, full length, “Quick Release Weaver Mount” that is easily operated with your thumb and designed for a 2.5 sec put on or take off. (No more undoing screws with a screwdriver or mounts coming loose under recoil)

3) The Compact Flashlight that puts out 35 Lumens of bright white light and will mount up on either side of the scope giving you the advantage of instant bright light at the flick of a switch, turning the darkest place into brilliant sunlight.

4) The Powerful, Compact Green Laser that puts out < 5mw power and is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. This will put you right on target at the flick of a switch which will help your speed when engaging multiple targets.

So now you get to “Go Hard & Go Home” with the Tactical Advantage of the NcStar “Boar Blaster” Scope Combo ~ B66/C on your rifle.

Happy Hunting………………………………The “Quartermaster”

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