NcStar M1 Carbine Scope Mount

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A lot of you shooters and collectors out there, will at one time or other have come across, or still have in your collection an iconic US WWII rifle/carbine called the M1 Carbine. And a few of you will have actually had the opportunity (like myself) of having the privilege and pleasure of firing one and realizing what a fantastic little rifle this is…………….No wonder the US Troops in the Pacific Theatre loved this carbine as it was light to carry compared to the Garand or the BAR, you could carry lots more ammo compared to the heavy 30.06 round, but is still a .30 cal round with good “Knock-Down” capabilities over a short range, was easy to operate (practically idiot proof) and was a very reliable piece of equipment, which was a bonus in the wet & dirty jungle environment. The M1 Carbine is a cross between a pistol and a rifle in that it uses a pistol sized cartridge but has the measurements of a short, very light rifle. The US even bought out a M2 (select fire) model with full auto capabilities and a “Paratroopers” folding stock model as well (which makes it a very, very short rifle)

On to today, there are still many good M1 Carbines “kicking” around that are really great shooters, especially for knocking over the odd Hare or Possum or just having a “Plink” at your local gun range. Now for those shooters who want to wring a bit more accuracy out of the M1, why not think about putting a Compact Tactical Scope or a Red Dot Sight onto it. This is where the folks at NcStar come in with their “NcStar M1 Carbine Scope Mount ~ W48″. This mount attaches to the rear sight and weighs only 2.2oz, the whole mount is only 3.6in’s long, so you can see that it doesn’t add very much weight or bulkiness to your lite-weight carbine and is very easy to fit on because it screws up to your Rear Sight……………..No Gunsmithing needed. Once you have fitted this Mount to your rifle then you have the option of putting a Compact Tactical Scope or a Red Dot Sight onto the rail.

I always like to say…………………”Taylor (set up) your Rifle to suit your own situation” for eg: If I was going to shoot a few rabbits or hares, or maybe go to the range for a “Plinking” session, I would set the carbine up with a nice small Tactical Scope, say a 2x-7x power or a 3x-9x power compact scope that gives me the ability to zoom in if needed for those longer range targets. The other scenario is to set up the rifle as a Fast, Tactical Response,” Zombie Killer Karbine,” with a “Point & Shoot” Red Dot Sight that gives you a very quick, both-eyes open system for those targets that come bounding up to you giving you very little time to respond. (you cant beat a Red Dot Sight for speed of target acquisition) So dont give up on your M1 Carbine and think that it’s not a viable weapon…………..(30 thousand Marines cant be wrong!) with the right sort of Scope mount and Optics you can have a “Liteweight Tackdriver” of a rifle.

Happy Plinking and Shooting…………………………………..The “Quartermaster”

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