Vism/NcStar Plate Carrier Vest

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With the recent upsurge of shooting sports and shooting gaming sports, ie: Paint Ball Gaming and Airsoft Gaming, there seems to be a huge increase in demand for tactical gear as the participants want to dress up in the latest tactical gear that not only looks “Cool” but does help in lessening the pain of getting hit. They say that “War, is not all it’s cracked up to be” and that may be true of the real thing, but in the “make believe” world of Gaming, “War” is just the coolest thing to do. Also it’s one of the fastest growing sports around with everything from a bunch of guys getting together and “Shooting the Sh*t” out of each other to Multi Club Games where you get up to 5000 people, Tanks, Jeeps, Armored Cars, and Artillery turning up to re-enact any particular Historic Battle, using either Paint Ball Guns or Airsoft Guns. As with all modern battles, most of the Western Allies tend to use “Body Armour” so to, in the Gaming Circles with shooters who are in British or American Uniforms, there is now Body Armour or Plate Carrying Vests available for the dedicated Gaming Warrior.

The team at NcStar have quickly jumped on the Band Wagon with the new Vism Plate Carrier Vest ~ O16. Which in my opinion is a great thing, (as I have it on good authority that the “Gen. II Zombies” all shoot back.) So it would make sense to Armour Up and grab your personal Plate Carrier Vest before the next “Pandemic” strikes. As the Plate Carrier doesn’t come with any Bullet Proof Plates, you get to choose what level of plate you need to survive your particular set of circumstances. The Vism Plate Carrier Vest ~ O16 will accept most sized armour plates for your front (Chest & Stomach) and your back. The whole thing is absolutely covered in Molle webbing, front and back, so you can attach a heap of gear onto it, from Pistol Mag Pouches, right up to Shotgun Scabbards and every thing in between. The only weakness that I can see with this rig is that there are no provisions for Side Plates, so always make sure you are either facing the incoming fire, or running directly away from it. (I haven’t seen body armour that will stop a .338 Lapure Mag. round yet!)

Here are a few things that I like about the Vism Plate Carrier Vest ~ O16. -

1) There are top and side, Heavy Duty Quick Release Buckles so that if you get hit by a RPG Rocket (that didn’t explode,) you might want to divest yourself of the vest fairly quickly.

2) There are fully adjustable shoulder straps to adjust the height of your plates, and the shoulder straps have removable shoulder pads (which are also covered in Molle webbing)

3) There is a Serious Drag Strap on the back so that you can be pulled out of the “Sh*t” quicker than got into it, and 2 x “D” rings on the front for attaching Karabinas, Ropes or Grenades.

4) There is 2 x Adjustable, Wide Stretch, Side Belts for optimum comfort and wear-ability, with a large pouch on each side for holding water bottles, extra mags, food or medic supplies.

5) There is a horizontal pouch across the back that will fit a poncho or a light jacket, which is a great idea because when hunting Zombies it can get wet and cold.

6) Colour options are – a/ SWAT Tactical Black, b/ ACU Digi Camo, c/ Desert Coyote Tan. Now you can colour co-ordinate your Plate Carrier with your favorite Camo Uniform

So my friends, whatever the situation is that you need to go out and unload some .30 cal rounds with the prospect of drawing some incoming rounds, you might want to consider throwing on a Vism Plate Carrier Vest ~ O16 just to give your vital organs that “extra piece of mind”

Happy hunting and Gaming………………………….. The “Quartermaster”


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