G&P Stoner 63A Airsoft LMG

A Very Happy Machine-Gun Madness Greeting to all you Bloggers.

Today’s Blog is about something very different to what I normally write about. Having been a collector of firearms in my past for more than a couple of decades, I have a great appreciation for all things “Fully Automatic,” and especially if it is a piece of significant historical value. Like any True Collector, the rarer the piece, the more you just have to have it, and this is so true with  the US Navy Mk.23 mod.o (Stoner 63A) Modular, LMG/Assault Rifle. These Modular Rifles were invented way ahead of their time by a brilliant inventor by the name of Eugene Stoner, who used to work for a company called “Armalite”. He was a man that was so far ahead of his time that he ended up designing one of the 20th Century’s most iconic weapons too early, and then selling it off to Colt. We are talking about the M16 Rifle of course, (but that is another story)

Eugene Stoner had left the Armalite company and began inventing another revolutionary weapon design in the early 1960′s which was referred to as the “Stoner 63″ This was designed not only as a rifle, but a weapons system in that it had a host of interchangeable parts so that it could be set up as a carbine, a battle rifle, a light machine gun, or even a vehicle mounted machine gun. One of the most remarkable features of this rifle is that it has a “Invertible Receiver” which means that if you turn the receiver, (including the barrel & gas tube assembly) over, the Stoner 63 could be converted from an assault rifle to a belt fed machine gun………………………The man was a Genius!!!!!!!

Around this time, the Viet Nam war was just kicking off and the US military and especially the Marine Corps were impressed with Eugene Stoners design. They requested a few minor changes to the original design, which included moving the right sided shell ejector to the left side and a stainless steel gas tube for the LMG role. the changes were incorporated and the gun came to be known as the “Stoner 63A” Unfortunately there were only approximately 1600 Stoner 63A’s produced. most going to the Navy Seals in Viet Nam before the Army changed it’s mind and refused to order any more. Because the Stoner employed a piston gas system (similar to the AK47………………and we know how good that system is) this made the gun less susceptible to malfunctioning, especially in the combat conditions of the Mekong Delta. No wonder then that the Stoner 63A became the favored weapon of the Navy Seals in Viet Nam.

A few years after the Viet Nam war, the Stoner was replaced by the M249 LMG, and most of the remaining Stoner’s were ordered to be destroyed. Today only a few Stoner 63A’s have survived, and at price tag of around USD $72,000.00 (and climbing) this would put this legendary, rare LMG out of reach for most gun aficionados and collectors.

Enter the Good Folks at G&P Airsoft Guns with their wonderful airsoft replica – the “G&P Stoner 63A LMG” a most faithful rendition of the original. The attention to detail and quality of finish is nothing short of exceptional. If you are into Viet Nam era Re-enacting, one of these in your hands with your Tiger Stripe cammies on, and you have just got to look the part!!! Even if you just want one to hang on the wall next to your (real guns) Viet Nam era M16′s and M14′s, it would certainly fit in perfectly and just finish off your Viet Nam collection nicely. The gun weighs in at just over 10lbs, not as much as the real thing but close enough. For the Airsoft Aficionados the Stoner fires at approx. 380 fps out of the box………………….Nice!!! and comes with a removable box mag that will hold 1200 bb’s. The box Mag is electrically fed by a separate 9 volt battery housed in the side of the box……………Nice Touch there!

Like the M249 LMG, the Stoner has a hinged top cover that has to be opened (just like the real one) to snap the bb feeder into the hopup, which once you get the hang of it, is very easy to do. The overall feel of the gun is extremely solid with absolutely no “Wobble” anywhere. Unscrewing the “Real Rubber” butt pad to the stock battery compartment is a pleasant surprise as it is big enough to accommodate a large battery and comes factory wired with “Deans Plugs”……………..Another nice touch. Fire control (Semi/Auto) switch is on the left hand side with the safety switch located just in front of the trigger, very easy to operate. The only Plastic bits are the front hand guards, the box mag, pistol grip and the stock, every thing else is metal (just like the real one)

If you are into anything Viet Nam, then a G&P Stoner 63A LMG is a MUST HAVE! If you are into Airsoft Gaming and want to decimate the opposing team, then the G&P Stoner 63A is definitely a MUST HAVE!

Happy Collecting and Gaming……………………………..The “Quartermaster”



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