NcStar “4 Reticle” Red Dot Sight

A Very Warm Greeting to all you Bloggers

A Big Thank You to all of you Bloggers and Shooters who follow my blogs, and for those who are 1st time readers, a warm welcome to you all, I hope you like my particular style of writing and the information that is expounded upon. (If you don’t…….Too Bad!) As those of you who have been following my Blogs will know, I am a person that likes versatility (and lightweight) in my “Tool’s” because if I have to carry it, and if my life depends upon it, then it Bloody Well Better Work Every-time! and it Bloody Well Better be Light and Versatile also! My two favorite Zombie Busters – Sig 551 “Shorty” and AK74 SU “Shorty” (a mixture of Swiss and Russian) it just doesn’t get any better than this.

Right about now you might be thinking “What the F**K has this got to do with a Red Dot Sight……………………………Well Everything actually!!! Because one of the nice things about Red Dot Sights, is that you can pretty much put them on whatever gun you have. If it has a Weaver Rail along the top, it will take a Red Dot Sight and what better sight to put on your gun than the NcStar “4 Reticle” Red Dot Sight ~ R10. This would have to be one of my favorite Red Dot Sights because it is light and it is versatile, 2 of the most important aspects for any gun accessory, and I love red dot sights anyway as I find them a lot faster to acquire my targets. It’s almost like having open sights with a illuminated dot.

Ok. Down to the “Nitty-Gritty” stuff now. As the heading says, it is a “4 Reticle” Red Dot Sight. Just what does that mean??? What it means is that you get a choice of 4 different reticles to choose from – The 1st reticle is an Open Cross with a dot in the center, the 2nd reticle is a Bullseye Circle with a dot in the center, The 3rd reticle is a Star Burst, Open Cross with a Circle and a dot in the center, and the 4th reticle is a straight dot in the center. Hows that for versatility??? (if you want to check out the pic’s of these reticles, go to my website and click on “About Us” scroll down till you come to them) The Red Dot also comes with an 11 position, Dim – Bright Rheostat selector so that you can adjust it quickly according to the brightness of the day.

The NcStar “4 Reticle” Red Dot Sight ~ R10 has an unlimited eye relief and field of view, like all the other Red Dot Sights with a 3 MOA sized Red Dot that is powered by a 1 volt Lithium (CR2032) Button Battery. The “Deal” includes a spare battery, Weaver Rings, Flip-up Lens covers, Lens Cloth and Allen Key Tool……………….Now here’s the good bit. It is only 5.1 in’s long and only weighs 8.0 oz’s……………………….Lightweight, Short & Versatile, just the way I like it!!! (starting to sound like a KFC ad. isn’t it) The tube is a compact 25mm dia. one piece, anodized aluminum tube for strength and durability.

So in summing up, if you are into Red Dot Sights on your Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Airsoft Gun, Paintball Gun or Crossbow, It would pay you to check these out as they really are great value for your money. (More “Bang” for your “Buck” as they say!!!)

Happy Shooting again……………………….The “Quartermaster”

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