NcStar Mini Red Dot Sight

Howdy to all you “Zombie Hunters” and Tactical Shooters and all you other Bloggers

Wait till you “Get a Load” of this weeks Mini Red Dot Tactical Sight……………….She is a Beauty!!! (and so small) What I want to discuss with you on this Blog is a nifty little Red Dot Sight¬† called the “NcStar Mini Holo Red Dot Sight ~ R20″, and the varied practical and tactical uses that it can be put to. As I have said in previous Blogs, a Red Dot Sight is a great “Time Saving” sighting system that is used for “Fast Action, Tactical Type Shooting” in that you dont have to close one eye, like you have to when using a normal scope. You just keep both eyes open, put the “Dot” on the target, and squeeze the trigger……………….(Job Done) it’s that simple, because most targets, when using a Red Dot, are shot within 20 – 150 mtrs away so you dont have to calculate bullet drop, or wind factor, or any of the host of other factors that come into play when engaging targets out to 500 mtrs and beyond.

This is not to say that you cant put a Red Dot Sight onto your “1000 mtr. Tack-Driving” Target Rifle, No!!! Not at all!!! What I mean is that, it is one thing to pull off head shots on Zombies at 950 mtrs, with your Super Large 10-40 Power Scope, but if all of a sudden a bunch of them come tearing out of a doorway 60-80 mtrs away and are intent on making a meal of you, then you might be pretty happy that you had the Foresight to install a Red Dot Sight (either on top of your Sniper Scope, or on a 45 deg. side rail) so then you can engage these close in targets using your Red Dot Sight which is a Hell-of-alot faster than trying to use your high power sniper scope………………..In other words – You get to make a meal out of them!!! To my way of thinking, a Red Dot Sight gives you another option for your favorite rifle, and sometimes options can mean the difference between winning or losing, or putting it another way, surviving or dying.

One of the nicest options that this Mini Red Dot gives you is that it is small enough to be used on your Combat or Target Pistols, your Combat Shotgun, Crossbows, all your Airsoft guns and most of your Paintball guns…………………..If you can put a Rail on it, you can put this Red Dot on it. – Now hows that for versatility!!!!!!! and as we discussed in the previous paragraph, it can be used in conjunction with another sighting system. It has a straight forward, no nonsense, ON/OFF switch that can be operated in 1/2 sec. flat.¬† There are so many pluses for this versatile Red Dot that you will probably want one for each gun.

Here are a few of the “stat’s” -

1) This Red Dot has a tough, Anodized Aluminum Body that comes in a choice of 3 colours – Tactical Black, Brushed Silver, and Real-Tree Cammo.

2) Using the “Both-Eyes Open” shooting technique, you have an unlimited Eye Relief and Field of View, which gives you a very quick target acquisition.

3) Comes with a Full-Length Integrated Weaver Mount, for a super strong, rock solid, rail to mount grip. (You wont shift this “Puppy” in a hurry)

4) It’s powered by a 3 volt Lithium Battery (CR2032) with a spare battery, protective lens cover and a mounting tool in with the deal as well.

5) Has a Dot Size of 2 x MOA (small) a length of only 1.8 in’s (small) and a weight of only 1.3 oz (light)…………..You KNOW how I like Small & Light!!!!!

Happy Red Dot Shooting……………………………………….The “Quartermaster”


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