NcStar Red Dot / Laser Sight

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This month I’m going to discuss and peruse a few Tactical Red Dot Sights for Rifles and pistols. (and anything else you want to put them on) If you are into Speed, Action Shooting, or Tactical-Type Events, where all your targets are 20 mtrs out to 100 mtrs, and you are engaging multiple targets in a short space of time, then you would find that a proper rifle scope would be more of a hindrance, and would actually cost you time, where-as a Red Dot Tactical Sight, on your weapon of choice, gives you a much lighter and faster sight, and will give you a quicker target acquisition when your “Bum’s on the line and the Sh*t’s raining down.”¬† In saying this the opposite is true when you are engaging targets out at 300 mtrs through to say 8oo mtrs, (and beyond) this is where a good scope comes into it’s own, and a Red Dot Sight would be more of a hindrance as they are mostly only a 1 x power magnification and at longer distances the Red Dot would tend to obscure the target.

My point to all this is………………How you set your weapon up for the job that it is going to do. For example – Say you are setting your pistol, rifle or shotgun up specifically for CQB (Close Quarter Battle) then a small Red Dot Sight would definitely be the way to go. If you want to set up your Ruger 10/22 or your SKS or your Armalite AR rifles for some serious daytime¬† “Plinking” and maybe shooting some Possums or Hares at night, then the sight that we are going to talk about, the NcStar Red Dot/Laser Series Sight ~ R16 with Quick Release Weaver Mount is the “Bee’s Knee’s” in Red Dot versatility……………………….And we all like something that is versatile, don’t we!!!

Here’s what I like about this Red Dot Sight -

1) It has an Integrated, Quick-Release weaver Mount so it can be taken off or put on your rail in 2-4 seconds flat and still keep your point-of-aim. This is real handy if you want to swap over to a scope for a longer range shot.

2) It has a large 40mm aperture for better sighting all-round vision of your target with a small 3 MOA dot that doesn’t obscure your target. This gives you an unlimited eye relief and field of view using the “Both Eyes Open” technique.

3) The tube is a very compact 4.3 in’s long and only weighs 11.3 oz with an integrated Laser on the side. Both the Red Dot and the Laser are adjustable for windage and elevation. This gives you night time or day time shooting options.

4) The Red Dot and Laser are powered by one x 3 volt Lithium Battery (CR2032) which is included as well as a spare one. (these can be purchased anywhere)

5) Having a Red Dot Sight with an Integrated Laser all in one saves you having to clip another accessory onto one of your rails and helps keep the weight down to a minimum.

So in summing up, if you are thinking about up-grading your favorite rifle, pistol or Airsoft gun, with a Red Dot Sight, why not get one with a Laser on it, you never know when you might need a laser.

Happy Shooting……………………………………The “Quartermaster”


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