ATI Ruger 10/22 Strikeforce Stock

Welcome once again to my “Stock Month” Blog

I have a another great stock to talk about this week………………..It is the ATI Ruger 10/22 Strikeforce Combo ~ Y70. “WHOOA THERE!!! Back Up the Horse!!!” I hear you say. “Not another type of stock for my Ruger??????????”  or “I already own 2 different stocks, why do I need another!!!”…………………(Boy, are you in for a surprise) For as you all know there are dozens of different stock variations for the ubiquitous Ruger 10/22 rifle……………….Here are a few that I have researched -

For example, There is a kit on the market that will make your 10/22 look like a WWII German MG42 machine-gun, (My Favorite)

There is another kit that will make your 10/22 look like a Thompson 1928 model Sub Machine-gun, complete with Drum Mag. (My 2nd favorite) or a Thompson M-1 model WWII Sub Machine-gun, complete with 30rd stick mag

You can get a kit that will make your 10/22 look like a M-16 Rifle or a M-4 Carbine.

There are kits to make the Ruger look like it’s bigger brother, the “A” Team’s Side Folding Stock, Tactical Mini 14.

You can turn your little “plinker” into a WWII M-1 Carbine or a M-1 Garand without to much trouble.

There is also a kit out there to turn your 10/22 into a short, tactical “Bullpup” Carbine………….Looks Ugly, but works well.

I see that there is a 10/22 “Marauder” kit on the market that will turn your Ruger into a Good looking G36 Carbine……………(I love this one as well!!!)

If you are into the more “Traditional” look there is a kit that will make your 10/22 look like a Mannlicher Carbine…………..(Why you would want to is beyond me)

Then there are the Dozens & Dozens of Thumbhole stocks in Solid Wood, Laminated Wood, Fiberglass/Polymer, etc, that will make your Ruger look like a “Super-Dooper, Tack Driver” rifle.

So from all of this you can see that there are a hundred different configurations that you can have for your humble Ruger 10/22 Rifle. In fact I would say that the Ruger 10/22 rifle is the most “Configured” rifle in the world. Imagine trying to collect one of each of the 10/22 different configurations, you would wind up with one Hell of a collection. The Good Folks at ATI have “Stepped Up” to the challenge with their version of a Tactical Stock for the 10/22 Rifle, and what a beauty this one is.

First off, – it’s Light!!! (I really like this kind of word.) It has soooo many features that will appeal to all the shooters & plinkers out there, and it is very ergonomically designed, which means that it is Comfortable to use, it wont Slip & Slide around in the wet, as well as being made of practically indestructible material – Glass Reinforced Polymer.

Secondly – It’s Foldable, so you can keep the overall length down when transporting your rifle, and the Cheek-Rest and Butt-Stock Length are all adjustable for…………… (Wait for it!!!) – Comfort!!! It is a pleasant shooting experience when you have a comfortable rifle in your hands.

Thirdly – you have 5 different Weaver Rails that attach all around your forend so that you can mount all your favorite accessories like a Laser, a Flashlight, a Bipod, a Forward Pistol Grip, etc. and you also get 3 Sling Swivel Mounts to give you multiple ways of mounting your Standard or Tactical Slings.

Fourthly – Do I like these stocks???????????…………………………..You Bet I do!!!!!! Check out our website for the full range of ATI stocks.

Happy Plinking………………………………The “Quartermaster”


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