ATI Shotgun Top-Folding Stock

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As this is “Stock” month, this blog will appeal to all you “Mad Keen Shot-Gunners” out there who love to Tinker with their shotguns by dressing them up with Tactical Accessories, etc. and what better way to Tactical-Up your favorite shotgun than by putting an ATI Pistol-Gripped Top-Folding stock on it. You can turn your Plain old “Shottie” into a “Bad-Ass, Zombie Killing Machine”…………………(Yeee Haaa – Bring on the Pandemic!!!) What this does is that it allows you to shorten the overall length up by folding the stock, so you can carry it in a NcStar Shotgun Scabbard comfortably without the stock sticking up behind your head and catching on every-thing. The last thing that you need when you are Ninjering along is to be crashing around and getting “Hooked Up” by a stock that sticks out and bangs into things. You will end up with a swarm of Zombies around you in no time,…………………… which is not conducive to a peaceful days shopping.

So here is my 10 best reasons to why your Shotgun should have an ATI Top Folding Stock ~ Y57 -

1) They Look “Cool” and they come in 3 different colours – Tactical Black ~ Y57, for the Black SWAT Look,¬† Desert Tan ~ Y56 for the Afghanistan/Iraq Look and Destroyer Grey ~ Y55, for that Urban Camo Look.¬† This is So Cool, now you can colour co-ordinate your “Shottie” to the type of Cammo that you wear.

2) The Shotgun can be fired from the Opened Out position or the Folded Up position, with the ergonomic pistol grip to give you a more positive, controllable  grip. So this gives you 2 choices of fire modes, depending on your tactical situation.

3) These stocks have a “Quick Release” Button which allows the stock to Lock-Up in the folded or unfolded position, and stops the stock from any looseness or flopping around.

4) The Top-Folding Stocks have been Pre-Drilled to accept the 5 cartridge Extra Shotgun Shell Holder that sits on top of the stock when it’s folded up, (so that you can switch quickly to your “Special Zombie Killer Rounds” if need be)

5) These are made in the USA of nearly indestructible, DuPont Extreme Temperature, Glass Reinforced, Polymer, and will handle the toughest battle conditions that you can throw at it. (which means that if you run out of bullets you can Club your way through the Zombies)

6) Lets face it …………..The Tactical Shotgun is “The Best” weapon of choice for all close-in “Sh*t-Fight” situations, as they are so versatile in the rounds that you can use in it, for eg: you can use everything from Rock Salt through to Solids, Flechettes through to Buckshot, Exploding rounds through to Dragons Breath. The list is endless.

7) You can Colour Co-Ordinate your stock with a same colour tactical forend to make your “Shottie” look Super Cool!!! Especially if you combine it with the Stock Extra Shell Holder and the (Mean Looking) Halo Heatshield on the barrel.

8) The kit comes with a Sling Swivel Stud so that you can hook up a Single Point Sling or a Over-Shoulder Sling, which means that you have the option of it being your Primary Weapon or your Secondary Weapon.

9) OK!!!………. Here is an important reason – This one kit will fit 4 different shotguns, Mossberg 500, 535,590 & 835 Models, Maverick 88, Remington 870 and Winchester 1200 & 1300 Models…………………..Hows that for a Bonus.

10)…………………………………I Like Them!!!!!

So my fine bunch of Shotgunners. This should give you something to think about.

Till Next Time ……..Have Nice Day!!!!!!…………………………………The “Quartermaster”



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