ATI Mauser K98 Monte Carlo Stock

Hi Fellow Bloggers (or should I say “Guten Tag Ein Bloggerz”)

Now you might be thinking, “What the hell is the Quartermaster doing, burbling on in German for?????????” Good question, as today’s blog is all about a Great Old Rifle, the K98 Mauser. So today is “German Day” for this blog………..Sur Gut!!! Over the past 25 years or so I have had the pleasure of owning a few Mauser Rifles, From a Pre-1900 Commission Mauser, to a WW1 Turkish Gewher 98 and on to a WW2 K98 Karbine and even a 6.5 Swedish Mauser. All very nice rifles to have in one’s collection as they were all in excellent condition.

The one rifle that we are going to discuss today is the Honorable, WW2, K98 Mauser Karbine. A very well made, accurate,  yet simple rifle to operate, with one major flaw…….. The recoil of the Large 7.92 (8mm) round – KICK’s like a BITCH……….Mein Gott!!!  (Those German Soldiers must have all been Supermen) After a mornings shoot your shoulder feels like it has been kicked repeatedly by a Bloody Horse………..”Donner Und Blitzen” that steel buttplate hammer’s the Sh*t out of your shoulder. No wonder the German Soldiers on the Eastern Front, threw their K98′s away and picked up Russian PPSH sub machine guns.

Anyway…………“Ve haf ze Anzwer”  as Sargent Schultz would say (for those of you who have watched “Hogan’s Hero’s” on TV) The Friendly Folk at ATI Gunstocks have come up with a K98 Monte Carlo Stock that will take the “Kick out of the Karbine” It’s the K98 Mauser Monte Carlo Scout Stock ~ Y29 and it’s available in Good Old Black and also in the new “Dark Earth Brown” colour………..Very Cool Colour!!! This is one very nice, ergonomically shaped, synthetic stock, that is easy to handle, wont warp if wet, and Most Importantly………….. Soaks up the “Hellish Recoil” of the 8mm round with a Scorpion Recoil Buttpad, = (the latest technology in recoil reduction) making your Mauser a “Pussy Cat” to shoot.

The Stock Kit comes with 2 x “Sure-Grip” textured pads for a non-slip, extra grip forend, a “Soft-Touch Cheekrest Pad” for a comfortable, soft, non-slip Stock to Cheek weld, a Full-Length Top Weaver Rail that will take a Long Eye Relief “Scout” Scope or a normal eye relief Scope, 2 x Sling Swivel Studs to attach your Rifle Sling to. They are manufactured in the USA out of DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer, tough enough to withstand battle field conditions…….. Mein Kameraden.

The other good news is that this Stock will fit a variety of Mausers. ie: All Standard, Bent Bolt, Large Ring, German K98′s, Czech VZ-24′s, Yugo 48/48a’s, Turkish 1903′s, 1937′s, 1938′s & 1946 models in 7mm & 8mm calibers. The Downside is that it wont fit the Large Ring Swedish M38/96 – 6.5×55 Mausers or the Small-Ring Mausers. So if you decide to “Sporterize” your aging Mauser at any stage, check out the picture below……... Mein Leiber, you can turn your Standard Mil-Surp Mauser into a Sharp looking Karbine Sporter that is easy on your shoulder and a pleasure to shoot.

Auf Wiedersehen Mein Mauser Schutze…………………….Der “Quartiermeister”…….(The “Quartermaster”)


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