NcStar Airgun / Laser Project

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We are well into the first month of the new year now………………….(and all is well!!!) For this weeks blog I am going to write about a “Project” that one of my customers came to me about a few weeks ago and asked if we had a specific laser for an Zoraki Airgun that he wanted to upgrade. I am pleased to tell you all that we did, and we now have a very happy Airgun Shooter. So this is how it all went together -

The customer had emailed me after googling around trying to find a small Laser that would fit on the rail in front of the trigger guard of his Zoraki Air Pistol and the problem he had was that there wasn’t much room in front of the trigger when cocking the barrel (break barrel pistol) so he couldn’t use the larger more powerful Lasers. I emailed him to say that we did have a Red Laser on a Weaver Mount ~ R25 that looks like it would do the job.

He emailed me a picture of his Zoraki Pistol with the barrel cocked back and some measurements of the free space to fit a Laser. He was right there wasn’t a lot of room to spare. I emailed the description and measurements of the ~ R25 Laser which were a max height of 28mm, with a max length of 55mm and a max length of the Weaver Mount was 35mm. The On/Off switch is a slide-across switch situated at the back which is perfect for your trigger finger to manipulate on & off.

The Laser is adjustable in the Weaver Mount back or forwards as well and has Windage and Elevation adjustments for getting it spot-on the “Bull’s Eye”. So in the end, it all went together and fitted perfectly………………………One Happy Customer!!!!! We always strive to help all our customers achieve satisfaction with their requirements and while we don’t have the most expensive accessories on the market, what we do have is Good Quality¬† at a reasonable price, and that Dear Bloggers is a Great Deal.

The Red Laser with Weaver Mount ~ R25 will mount on any Weaver or Picatinny rail, so that means that you can mount it on a Pistol or a Rifle or a Shotgun, and best of all it will mount on any Airsoft Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun as well………………………… that’s a Bonus.

Happy Shooting…………………………….The “Quartermaster”




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