NcStar 3 Rail Sighting System

A Prosperous New Year to all you Bloggers

Well here we go again…………….Post Apocalypse, Post End of Mayan Calender, Post Xmas, Post New Years Day, and STILL the sun rises in the East & sets in the West. NO ARMAGEDDON???……………What the heck is going on??? The only thing of Major Significance that happened (or didn’t happen as was the case) was that “Santa” didn’t stop in to give me any presents this year……………What the heck is going on??? maybe someone shot his Reindeer, or maybe the Zombies got to him and ate him. Anyway as long as the sun still shines on us every day then that gives me time to tell you about a great little Tactical scope that you are going to LOVE!!!

Yep!!! You got it!!! it’s the “3 Rail, Sighting System, 2-7×34, Illuminated Reticle, Tactical Scope” from NcStar. That’s Quite a mouth-full for a compact scope. Now there are a number of things that I like about this scope that I would like to share with you.

1) First off, (in case you hadn’t noticed it) I do like Short Compact Tactical Scopes (the same as I like short rifles) and this baby is only 6.9in’s long and comes with a solid “One-Piece” Weaver Mount for “Maximum Clampability” – (sounds like something out of “Star Trek”…………Huh!) and has a PLAN – B, – See Through Tunnel for your Iron Sights, should any thing go horribly wrong, like – flat batteries for your reticle illumination, or a bullet strike on the scope body, etc.

2) Plus I’m a bit of a fan for illuminated reticles, and this scope has the latest “BLUE” illuminated reticle in either a) Mil-Dot, b) Rangefinder, or c) P4 Sniper, with 7 levels of intensity on the illumination.

3) One of the great innovations about this scope (for all you “Tactical” nutt’s) is that there are 3 x Weaver Rails attached to the scope, one on either side and one on top, so that means you can attach whatever accessory you want to your scope. Like a Mini Red Dot (for close-in work) on the top rail, and a Laser on one of the side rails and a Flashlight on the other side. Now you are definitely ready to go to war in Zombie Land……………24/7, Day or Night.

This is a ideal solution for the shooter that wants a Modular Sighting System that allows for easy attachment of any accessory that he may need for a given situation and only weighs a mere 19.3 oz, gives you a 1/2 MOA click value @ 100 yds and has a 3.0 in. eye relief.

The 2x – 7x Vari Power is excellent for targets out to about 300 yds, keeping in mind that this is a Tactical Scope, (not a Long Range Sniper Scope) designed for fast acquisition of close-in targets, so you can Blitz your way through a street full of Zombies………..(just can’t help myself again)

One last neat thing about these scopes is that they are ideal for all Airsoft Rifles and will mount to any Weaver or Picatinny Rail, as they are not too powerful for the type of  close-in shooting that is done in an Airsoft Game. All-in-All a cool little scope that is strong enough to see you through “Thick & Thin” and still come out on target.

Happy Hunting & Shooting ………………………………….. The “Quartermaster”

NcStar 3 Rail Tactical Scope


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