NcStar AK Top Cover Weaver Rail

The “Quartermaster” wishes all you Bloggers & Blog Readers a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

Now that we have got the “End of the World Apocalypse” safely out of the way, and you are wondering what to do with the 6 new AK’s that you have purchased for that very reason, well Don’t Panic!!! there is still a “Pandemic” or two coming up that you might need those AK’s for after-all……………….(well that’s what the idiots keep on telling us) And for that very reason the good folks at NcStar have come out with an AK accessory that I think that everyone that has an AK or 2, it’s going to be a “Must Have” piece of kit for one of their AK’s. Another reason is that this will fit, not only the AK47, but will fit the AK74, as well as most of the clones. What we are talking about here is the NcStar AK47 Top Cover Rail ~ W125 which is a normal AK top cover with a Weaver Rail permanently attached to the top of the cover…………….Brilliant!!! Now you can have a normal scope on your AK rather than a forward mounted Long-Eye-Relief Scope on the forend Quad Rail. Now you can turn your best AK into a medium range Sniper AK, with very little effort and (Bugger all) expense.

If you have checked out my last blog on the AK Dual Rail, Side Mount, which would be excellent set up with a Holo Sight & Laser Combo for a short range & CQB rifle, then on your 2nd AK you could set it up with a Top Cover Rail and a nice 3-9 vari power scope for a med range Sniper AK set-up……………….(Bring on the Pandemic!!!!!) or if you just want your AK’s set-up for the range, then these two combos would definitely do the trick. For more AK Tactical Set-up’s, Check out the Blog I did (about the 9th one from the start) which was all about the AK Front Forend Quad-rail, this is another top piece of kit that you could incorporate into your Tactical AK.

So what we have here is a Standard (Steel) AK Top Receiver Cover, with a Weaver/Picatinny Rail permanently attached to the top of the cover and 2 tightening screws at the back of the cover that can be tightened up to take up any slack or recoil movement, so that you have a rock solid platform to attach your optical accessories to. (There is No Excuse now for missing any Zombies on the prowl!!!)

A Very Happy AK Xmas from……………………….The “Quartermaster”








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