NcStar AK47 Side Mount Dual Rail

Hi to all you (Post Apocalyptic) Bloggers

Well today has dawned with clear blue skies, warm temperatures and a feeling of peace pervades. So bang goes the theory about the End of the World today it would seem!!! But just in case, the folks at NcStar have come up with a brand new product, (at long last) for your favorite AK……………. the NcStar AK47 Side Mount Dual Weaver Rail ~ W126. What this means is that now you can Scope-Up your AK with a Tactical Red Dot Holo Sight, or a short Tactical Series Scope, and because this rail is mounted up on the side of your receiver, it wont interfere with your Top Cover when you take it off to clean your bolt & barrel.

So the following blurb are my thoughts on what type of sight or scope is the right one for your AK47 Dual Rail, Side Mount. -

1) My 1st choice & personal preference if I was to set my AK up with some sort of optics would be to see whether I would be using it to shoot Zombies at 50 – 150 yds or to be shooting Zombies at 200 – 300 yds. Lets take the 1st option of 50 – 150 yds. I would definitely go for the “Both Eyes Open” Reflex or Holographic sight with a laser mounted up on the side weaver rail (for night time Op’s) This is a pretty good, day or night package for your AK………..or any other short carbine. You cannot beat the Reflex or Holographic Sight for Target Acquisition Speed and Peripheral Target Sighting as you have both eyes open at all times, and with Zombies at 50 yds…………… “Speed is definitely of the Essence” – as they say.

2) My 2nd choice & personal preference if I was setting my AK up for a longer range 200 – 300 yd Zombie shooter, would be to mount a short 2x – 7x or a 3x – 9x vari power, illuminated reticle Tactical Scope, with a preference for it being a Rubber Armoured scope. This combined with a Tactical Torch mounted on the side rail would make a good all round “Zombie Killer” rifle………………(They don’t like bright lights, I’m told) This combo would be great for those longish, take-your-time, aimed shots to the head, (the only way to kill Zombies, I hear) while also giving you the capability of  maneuvering at night with the aid of your flashlight.

This mount will slide onto most AK47′s & AK74′s that have a side rail permanently fixed to the side of the receiver, once it is in place it can be tightened up by 3 x allen key, grub screws so that you get a “Rock Solid” fit that wont move around under recoil. The top rail is long enough (at 5.24 in’s) to accommodate most full sized scopes and the height from the bottom of the slide on rail to the top of the top Weaver Rail is 3.55 in’s, which is high enough to be able to use your Iron Sights in an emergency. Now one of the nicest thing is that it only adds an extra 6.7 oz’s on to your rifles total weight. (plus whatever optics you decide upon)

So, all in all, these AK Scope Mounts are an item that every AK owner should have at least one or two in their kit, so that you can “Up-Skill” your rifle, which in turn will let you shoot more Zombies………………………LOL!!!

Happy Zombie Shooting…………………………The “Quartermaster”


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