NcStar 30x – 90x Spotting Scope

A Happy, Happy Xmas to all you Bloggers

Yes that special time is almost upon us………………(and I don’t mean Zombie Land and the End of the World!!!)  It’s the time of “Good Cheer, Good Food, Good Friends, and Good Prezzies” and it’s this last item that I want to talk about, it’s something to tuck under the Xmas Tree. And Santa………(Aka – The Quartermaster) has got plenty of them in stock ……….. Ooooop’s I meant in my Slay. You guessed it………….. It’s the “MOTHER” of all Spotting Scopes. This baby is BIG!!! (This is what people in High Rise Apartments use to spy on their neighbors) The NcStar 30-90×90 Spotting Scope ~ P21. If you are into BIG GEAR, then this is the spotting scope for you. When you bring out this spotting scope at the range, your competitors will know you mean serious business.

Lets check out a few of the good features on this Big Spotting Scope -

1) Did I mention “BIG”…….. This baby is over 20 inches long with a huge 90mm front lens that will give you a 78ft (@ 30x power) – 33ft (@ 90x power) field of view at 100 yds.

2) Did you hear me mention “BIG”???………..It comes with a Full Standing Height, Fully Adjustable, Tripod, with independent adjustment on each leg for uneven surfaces, and will adjust in height from 22.0 inches up to 55.0 inches high, and yet – only weighs 54.3 oz

3) Let me tell you, this is “BIG”………..With High Quality, Precision Ground, Multi-coated Lens for maximum crisp,clear, images and a variable magnification from 30x up to a whopping – 90x power.

4) What did I tell you – it’s “BIG”……….And it’s got all the extra “Gizmo’s” that you need, like an External Quick Focus Knob, a built-in Sliding Sunshade, Lens Covers for the front and back Lens, and a Soft Carry Case.

5) This is “ONE BIG MOTHER!!!!”……….. One of the great features that I like is that the outer surface is covered in a Protective, Rubber Armoured Coating, that will take the Knocks and Bumps of the battlefield and still give you a crisp, clear picture.

All this for only 58.2 oz in weight or 112.5 oz with the Tripod included is not a bad deal, don’t you think??????? Now this is Not the type of gear that I would like to “Hump the Boonies” with, but certainly for setting up in one place and using it to check your bullet holes in the Zombies heads at 800 mtrs. This is definitely the Spotting Scope to have.

Happy Spotting………………………..The “Quartermaster”

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