Vism Foldable 4 Panel Shooting Mat

A Happy Festive Greeting to all you Bloggers out there.

Today’s Blog is all about something very simple…………. The “Vism Foldable 4 Panel Shooting Mat ~ W107. Now you might say………….”What the Hell do I want a Shooting Mat for?????”  Well lets take a look at a few ideas about this. Everyone that owns a rifle at some time (or time’s) likes to seriously check out the “Zero Point” on their rifle, and to do this you need to get your rifle in a stable position 1st. And what better way than to lie down prone with the front of your rifle, either on a sand bag or with a bipod on your barrel. Not everyone has access to a tailor made bench rest. So………….If you are at a rifle range, or out on a farm, or just out in the bush, I can pretty much guarantee that where you “plonk” your body down, wont be a patch of lush, flat, soft, newly cut lawn. No, No, No, most likely it wont be dead flat, it wont be soft, it wont be that clean, it wont be at all comfortable, and usually there’s Bugger All lawn, AND I haven’t even mentioned about getting wet. About this time you will be saying to yourself…………….”I wish I had bought a mat or a sack, or something to lay on” ……………… Does this sound familiar???????

Well, you can “Rest Easy” now – (pardon the pun)………..Have we got the DEAL for you, so to speak. If you are going to go to the trouble of taking some sort of mat out with you to lay on, why not check out the Vism Foldable 4 Panel Shooting Mat ~ W107 . This has got soooooo many things going for it, that I just have to tell you about them. -

1) The MOST important one is that it folds up to a compact – 18 in’s high x 36 in’s long x 2 1/2 in’s thick and only weighs a mere 6.2 Lbs……..Fantastic!!!

2) This mat unfolds out to a LARGE – 72 in’s long x 36 in’s wide x 1/2 in thick mat, Large enough to accommodate you and your gear, and keep you dry

3) It has a Reinforced Carry Handle as well as a Padded Shoulder Strap for slinging across your shoulder leaving your hands free to carry your rifle.

4) The outside shell is constructed from Heavy Duty Nylon PVC fabric that will last a lifetime. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth is all it takes to keep it looking good.

5) The top side has Non-Slip Elbow and Knee Surfaces to help you hold your position steady for that super accurate shot, and stops you slipping under recoil.

6) The mat has Molle-Pals Webbing on the top panel to hold the Zippered, Clear Plastic, Ballistic, Chart Holder, so you can check your written ballistics at a glance.

7) Now here’s a nice touch – you get 4 x Metal “D” rings (one on each corner) so that you can peg your mat down on windy days with tent pegs…….Very Thoughtful!!!

8) I’ve saved the BEST till last…….. “COMFORTABLE” with 1/2 in. of Closed Cell Foam Padding that wont absorb water and will keep you warm on a cold ground.

Oh! and one other thing……….. you can purchase one of these “Top Notch” shooting mats off us in any colour you like as long as it’s BLACK!!!………..LOL.

Happy Shooting as Always………………………………….The “Quartermaster”











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