Vism Double Rifle Bag

Merry Xmas all you bloggers

Seeing as the “End of the World” hasn’t arrived yet, I thought I would do a blog on a piece of kit that might come in handy, should you need to “Bug Out” with a couple of your favorite rifles, some ammo, food, side arm (or 2) eating utensils, spare clothes, etc, etc. What we are going to discuss here is the Vism Double Rifle Case ~ W99  Now the one reason that I like this case is that, not only will it take 2 x rifles (Top & Tailed) but you can carry a LOT of other stuff as well if you so desire.

What I mean by this is that if you are going to the range with your 2 rifles, you can also put your cleaning kit, spare ammo, spotting scope & tripod, gun lube, cleaning rod, lunch, hip flask, – if it is really cold, woolly hat, etc, into the bag as well. (The One-Stop-Shop as we call it) It has heaps of spare room in the 2 outside compartments. When you get to the range you open it right the way out then you can use it as a shooting mat.

If this case is your “G.T.W.” (Go To War) bag, then I guess you would set it up a little different – first off you would have your primary Assault Rifle with perhaps a Shotgun for a secondary close – in weapon, or you can have your primary rifle, a Sniper Rifle with a Assault Rifle for a back-up weapon. From there you can decide what else you need, ie: a couple of pistols and a SMG, all of these things will fit into the 2 outside compartments, with room for spare mags and ammo as well. (You don’t mess with the guy with the BIG gun case!!!!!)

If you are a Hunter, this is just the case for you, as you can take your – “Bring Home the Bacon” scoped hunting rifle as well as a shotgun for those Hares or Opossum’s that you might come across, and you can fit a “Take-Down” .22 Rifle in the larger of the two side compartments, for the occasional rabbit for the pot. (Rabbit Stew……. Yummy!!!)

If you are an Airsoft Gamer, this would be a great case to have as you can fit a couple of rifles, (One for a spare in case the battery dies in the one you are using or you get a jam) a couple of pistols and a SMG of some sort, and still have room for your spare mags, pellets, speed loaders, masks, etc. You will have enough “Hardware” to do the whole weekend if need be. It is simply amazing what you can get in one of these Double Rifle Cases.

These cases are manufactured from Tough, Heavy Duty PVC Nylon Material with lots of Molle-Pals Webbing in the main compartment and the larger external compartment. Comes with Heavy Duty Zippers and 2 x Padded Shoulder Straps which allows this case to be carried like a back pack when the going gets rough. They also come in 4 colours – Tactical Black, OD Green, Desert Tan & Digi Camo……………………………What Could Be Better!!!!!

Till Next Time – Happy Shooting!!!…………………… The “Quartermaster”

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