Vism The “Ultimate” Chest Rig

A Happy, Fun-Filled Xmas to all you Bloggers

Xmas is sneaking up on us very quickly now…………………..(So is the End of the World???) and the folks at NcStar / Vism have been working overtime to bring out new products to help you survive in “Zombie Land”. We have seen enough “End of the World” movies to realize that you cant win the war wearing Sneakers, Tee Shirt, Hoodie and Jeans,……….. OOOP’s!!! dont forget the Baseball Cap, and running around with an AK or M-4 with only one magazine, (that never seems to run out of ammo………..WTF!!!) No! No! No! We are in the REAL WORLD now, like it or not, so we need the best Rig that will hold a ton of spare gear. (Because as we ALL know………. we ALL tend to run out of ammo sometimes – usually at a most awkward time) Thank God for “PLAN B” ……………. Aaaah – What was Plan B again?????

Enough of the Burbling and on with the Blog!!! The item that I am discussing today is the (Very Fine) “Ultimate Chest Rig~ W112* from Vism. I did a Blog way back discussing the Pro’s & Con’s of Chest Rig’s v Assault Vest’s and although I really like the Assault Vests, my personal choice is still a Chest Rig and I LOVE this new Ultimate Chest Rig for 2 reasons.-

1) This is the most Comfortable Chest Rig I have come across to date because it has very wide, soft padded, shoulder straps with Quick Release Buckles and a Super Wide Waist Band that is also comfortably padded with Quick Release Buckles on both sides. It is fully adjustable on both shoulder straps for length and adjustable on the waist band for most waists. (including mine!!!)

2) You can fit a TON of stuff into this rig. starting with the 2 front rifle mag pouches, they will hold 2 x 30 rd mags each. In the front of these mag pouches are 4 x Pistol Mag Pouches that will take your standard sized 9mm or .45 cal mags. On each side of these pouches are 2 x Grenade pouches, (if you dont have Grenades you can use them to carry 4 x extra rifle mags) On each side of these pouches are 2 more larger and deeper pouchesĀ  that you can stuff with food, cleaning kit, torch, lightweight poncho, etc. Or you can stuff in an extra 4 x 40 rd mags. (or 8 x 20 rd’ers) That brings the total to about 400 rounds capacity just with your chest rig……Bring It On!!!

As well as all this gear there is a mesh pocket on the inside front to take your maps, notebook, passport, money, etc. and you can hook a couple of water bottles on each side at the back. If you are like me, once you have got your Chest Rig all loaded up, you need to spend a little time getting it sitting comfortably yet firm on your body before you go out and rain down 5.56 on someones day!!! We have these items in tactical Black and OD Green.

If you want to, you can add the “Drop-Leg Pistol Holster and Mag Pouch” combo to this rig (my previous blog) to make this the “Ultimate, Ultimate, G.T.W. Rig.” You will have enough ammo to blast through a street full of Zombies with this combo!!!

Have a Happy and Safe Zombie Xmas…………………………..The “Quartermaster”









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