ATI Enfield Weaver Mount

Greetings once again to all the Bloggers out there.

Time to put “Pen to Paper” again (figuratively speaking) and let you all know about a Great item from the folks at ATI Gunstocks. This is the Enfield Weaver Scope Mount ~ Y15. Now I would bet that most of you shooters at one time or another have owned one of the Lee Enfield family of rifles, ie: 1) Lee Enfield – “Long Tom.” 2) Lee Enfield No1. 3) Lee Enfield No4. 4) Lee Enfield No5 – Jungle Carbine or if you are like me it was fun to collect the whole family of Lee Enfields including all the “Fringe” Enfields like the Parker Hale conversions and the P14 & P17 varieties and dont forget the Lee Metfords which are the forerunner of the Lee Enfields.

As good as it was to collect these rifles, there is usually one or two that you like to shoot, and as they are generally a very accurate rifle, most of us like to put a scope onto our favorite Enfield to wring that little bit extra accuracy out of the “Old Banger” Now as we all know, getting a Scope Mount for a Lee Enfield can be a frustrating exercise. Not only are they as scarce as “Rocking Horse Sh*t” to come by, when you do find one you generally find it is an exorbitant price. (sometimes more than you have paid for the bloody rifle!)

This is where the Folks at ATI come in and have been manufacturing Scope Mounts for the No1, No4 & No5 Enfields (They will NOT fit the “Long Tom” Lee Enfield) for a reasonable price that makes it cost effective now to be able to Scope-up your old Lee Enfield. This is great news for all you hunters that are still using a .303 Enfield to “Bring Home The Bacon”. Back in the 1970′s that’s all I had to shoot with then. We were buying Military FMJ ammo in packets of 48  at 10 cents per round, that was cheap shooting. (Sure the FMJ ammo wasn’t quite as effective as the soft point ammo, but we just used to bang a second round into them to make sure)

These ATI Scope Mounts are “Dead Easy” to put on, you dont have to be a Gunsmith to do this job. One of the MOST IMPORTANT things to remember when doing this job is to use “LOK-TITE” on the grub screws so that once it is tightened up it wont loosen or shift under recoil…………………… Because the Ol’…”3 nought 3″ does “Boot” a bit for sure. The Rail is a 20mm Weaver / Picatinny type rail that will accept all Weaver / Picatinny Rings, and is made from Hard Coated Anodized T6 Aluminum and comes with all mounting instructions. Now you can turn your Old Banger into a accurate Hunting Rifle or a accurate Target Rifle by installing an ATI Scope Mount and putting the appropriate scope on and lets face it……………… They are still a fun rifle to shoot even though they are 60 – 100 years old now.

Happy Enfield Collecting & Shooting…………………………….The “Quartermaster”


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