NcStar Cartridge Stripper Clips

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Thought it about time I put “Pen-to-Paper” (figuratively speaking) again and update you all on a well known product that probably nearly all you shooters have used once or twice in the past. (some of you are still using them) What we are talking about is the humble “Stripper Clip” …………………….( and I dont mean a 5 min. Porno film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  No, this is a folded piece of spring steel that will hold 5, 8, or 10 rounds of ammunition, that can quickly be used to top up the magazine of your pistol or rifle.

This is not a recent innovation……………….No, no, no! This marvelous invention is actually over 100 years old, and one of the earliest manufactures in the late 1900′s to use these cartridge clips was the Mauser Brothers – Wilhelm & Paul, who were the makers of Mauser rifles and pistols. The Stripper Clip or “en bloc” clip was invented by 2 firearms inventors – James Paris Lee for his 1890 “Lee” rifle and Ferdinand Mannlicher for his M1885 Mannlicher rifle. Since then a large number of firearm manufactures have copied and modified those designs.

Of course the Russians thought this was a great idea and copied it also for their 1890 Mosin Nagant rifles right through to their 1945 – 1970 SKS Carbines and also for their AK range of rifles. So, the Russians and the Communist Bloc countries have been manufacturing and using Stripper Clips for 100+ years………………… (80 million “Ruskies” cant be wrong!) You know that if the Russians produce something for over 100 years, then there has to be a jolly good reason for it. (several reasons actually)

1) Its easier to carry lots of ammo in stripper clips than to carry lots of loose ammo.

2) Its easier and quicker to pack stripper clips of ammo into boxes or pouches than to pack loose ammo into the same.

3) Its easier and (most importantly) quicker to reload your rifle or pistol with stripper clips than to try and load it one round at a time.

If you ask any soldier who carried a rifle or pistol that could be fed with a stripper clip about the advantages of using stripper clips, he would quote the above 3 reasons, for sure!!!!!

The folks at NcStar make 3 lots of Stripper Clips for you.-

The 1st is a 10 round clip for the 7.62×39 cartridge, for the Russian SKS rifle as well as being able to be used for topping up your AK 47 mags and your Ruger Mini 30 mags. They come in boxes of 20 clips.

The 2nd is a 10 round clip for the 5.56×45 (.223) cartridge, for topping up your AR15/M16 mags as well as your Ruger Mini14 mags, Galill mags, and FN-C mags. They come in boxes of 20 clips.

The 3rd is a 10 round clip for the 7.62×51 (.308) cartridge, for topping up the mag on your FN FAL rifle, as well as the L1A1 SLR rifle, the M14 rifle and will fit the Armalite AR10 mag also. They come in boxes of 20 clips.

Be aware that if you are wanting to use the stripper clips for topping up magazines then you will need a “Mag Well Feeder” to put the clips into, to be able to utilize the clips properly. Or you can get one of the NcStar Speed Loaders that I have discussed in one of my previous Blogs. – These are just Great to use.

Happy Stripper Clipping………………………………………. The “Quartermaster”





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