NcStar AR15/M16 Combo Tool

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Today’s Blog is all about a “Fancy Tool” that will compliment the AR15, M16, and M-4 rifle owners kit. If you own and shoot an AR type rifle, or you have to use one in your line of work (throw it away and get an AK……….. Ooop’s, sorry! my personal preference is surfacing…. LOL) Then you need to check this piece of equipment out. As with any thing that you do, it is always the question of ……………………. If I’m carrying my rifle, plus ammo, some food and water, comm’s gear, a few toiletries, 1 or 2 grenades, a knife or two, maybe a secondary weapon…………. This is not even counting a backpack with spare clothes, some mines, extra ammo, etc………. do I really need an extra piece of kit??????????????? You may have heard the saying – “Time is of the Essence” well the Quartermaster’s saying is – “Weight is of the Essence” in this case. No one wants to lug around any more than they have to. When the “SH*T” is raining down around you, bullets are whizzing by, explosions are going off all around, people are yelling and screaming at you, (for and against) the general “Rule – of – Thumb” is ……….. You need to “Hustle Your Ass a Bit” which means that you need to move fairly fast in one direction or the other. Now the one thing (apart from a large wound) that tends to slow you down is ……………………………. You Guessed IT – Carrying Excess Weight!!!!!

So what am I getting at here??????? Well this small piece of essential kit would have to be the “BEE’s KNEE’s” for the AR owner to have as a compliment to his (or her’s) rifle, as it only weighs 17.7 oz’s, and it doesn’t matter if you are trying to get out of the Sh*t of just trying to get to the range, this handy Multi Tool will keep your AR operating and in Tip-Top condition where ever you are. One of the nicest things about this Multi Tool is that it folds up and fits in a pouch that you can put on your belt, or attach it to your webbing, and it wont get in the way because it is only 4.5 in’s long (folded) The AR Combo Tool is compatible with most M16, M-4 and AR15 variant rifles. So whether you have a “You Beaut!”- Colt, a Bushmaster, DPMS Arms, Olympic Arms, Rock River Arms, Stag Arms, Armalite, Diemarco, Heckler & Koch, Israeli Mekut’zrar 653, Chinese Norinco AR, or any of the variations from around the world, this tool will fit them all.

Look at what you get with this little beauty – A Pin Punch, a File & Flat Head Screwdriver, a couple of Wrenches, a Bolt Carbon Scraper, a Broken Case Extractor, 2 Socket Spanners, a .223 Brass Bore Brush and a Flexible Steel Bore Wire, all made from High Grade Stainless Steel. Every thing folds down and fits inside a Heavy Duty Black Cordura Pouch that fits onto your belt. There is enough tools  in this little combo to do a complete strip-down of your AR.

My point to all this, is that if you are relying on your AR to do a job in the field and for whatever reason you get a malfunction, then this combo tool is going to pull you out of the SH*T and get your rifle up and running again. My advice is…………… if you own a AR or Clone and you dont want to get one of these wonderful AR Tools, then you would be better off trading the AR in for an AK……………………. (JUST JOKING!!!!!!!)We have plenty of these tools in stock.

Happy Collecting & Shooting……………………… The “Quartermaster”




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