Vism Shotgun Scabbard

A Very Friendly Greeting to all the Readers of my Blog.

I must say it is very encouraging to get so many positive responses to my humble Blog. I write about things that interest me and from my experiences gained over the last 30+ years from a collecting and a shooting point of view. I realize that this is not every bodies “Cup-of-Tea” so to speak, but there are plenty of people around the world that either have a love of guns or use them in their line of work (or both) that like to check on what is available to accessorize their favorite “Toy’s.”………………………….. That’s where the “Quartermaster” comes in handy. Not only can you check out the spec’s on all the products in our website, but you can see what my (humble) opinion is,of the stuff that we use and sell.

So…………. we are not here to talk about me, but to discuss a valuable piece of “Kit” for people who like to carry a secondary weapon, ie – A Shotgun. Now as we know, the shotgun is a great gun for close in work, (but pretty much useless out past 80mtrs) that being the case, some folks like to have a “Shottie” as well as their primary gun which in most cases is a rifle. The problem you have in this scenario is how the hell do you carry it, without it banging around and getting in the way??????????????

Enter – NcStar/Vism’s Tactical Shotgun Scabbard ~ W93. This just has to be the “Duck’s Nutt’s” for carrying your shotgun!!!!!!!!!!! You can use this scabbard for so many applications. Here are a few that I can think of, off the top of my head -

1) Carting you favorite Duck Shotgun down to your “Mai Mai” (or hide) leaving both your hands free to cart the other essentials that you need, like food, booze and extra ammo.

2) Carting your Combat Shotgun around the different stages at your local range for those 3 gun shoots.(Rifle, Shotgun & Pistol) or those 2 gun events that require a shotgun.

3) Carrying your “Door Opening” Shotgun for opening those particularly hard to open or heavily locked doors to save time instead of trying to pick the lock, or find the right key. LOL!!

4) Carrying your Airsoft Shotgun in a CQB range to use when you run out of ammo in your primary rifle or pistol. Believe Me!!! it’s handy to have a back-up gun in this situation.

5) Anytime you want to cart your shotgun around without it getting in the way of what you are doing, especially if you are in a high risk situation and the last thing you want to happen is the gun to bang on something or slip off your shoulder at the wrong moment and spoil your shot………………….. This could be disastrous!!!!!!!!

The nice thing about this Shotgun Scabbard is that there are a variety of ways to carry it. You can sling it over your shoulder, or across your back – left shoulder or right shoulder, you can strap it vertically on the left or right side of your back if you are wearing a Molle/pals vest with the snap fasteners that are provided, or you can strap it to either side of your back pack using the same snap fasteners. It has padding all around to protect your shotgun and a grommet in the bottom for water drainage in extremely wet conditions. It is extendable to cater for different barrel lengths and will take a pistol gripped shotgun……………………. What more could you want??????????????

But Wait……….. There’s More!!!!!!! (NO! you dont get 6 free steak knives) But you can get these scabbards in 4 COOL colour schemes -

1) Tactical Black ~ W93/B – to go with your Black SWAT Uniform or your Urban Camo Uniform

2) OD Green ~ W93/G – to go with your “J.G’s” or your Woodland Cammies

3) Desert Tan ~ W93/T – to go with your “2 Colour” (Afghanistan) or Desert Digi Camo Uniform

4) ACU – Digi Cam ~ W93/D – to go with your US ACU Army Digi pattern Uniform

Now the best thing of all is that they are very, very reasonably priced………………….. You will probably want one in every colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be Happy in Carting your Shotgun……………………………………… The “Quartermaster”



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