NcStar Mk3 Series 10-40×50 Scope

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Today’s blog is about a super long range scope, The NcStar Mk3 Series 10-40×50 Illuminated Rangefinder Reticle, scope ~ B11. This is NcStar’s Top-of-the-Range, SERIOUS, Long Range scope that you would put on any rifle from .308 up to .50 caliber. If the type of shooting that you love to do, (or have to do as a job) is knocking down targets from 500 mtrs out to 1000 mtrs, then this is the scope you should have on your rifle. With the powerful 10x – 40x zoom power you can shoot the eye out of a mouse at 1000 mtrs (figuratively speaking) In plain speaking you will probably just make the bloody thing disappear in a puff of dust………………………………….. I know, I know, it’s a bit of an OVERKILL to use a .338 Lapur Magnum on a mouse. The point being is that you can really “Reach out and Touch Something” from a long way away with this scope.

Here are a few reasons why this is such a great scope -

1) It has a large 30mm one piece anodized aluminum main tube that expands to a 50mm front lens that has a green multi coated front glass to enhance it’s light gathering properties in low light conditions. The main tube has a built in front sunshade to cut down the “Scope Glint” (there is nothing worse than covertly, scoping down on what you intend to shoot, and to suddenly have every man and his dog open up on you because they spotted the sun glinting off your front lens)

2) It has Military style, Open Target Turret Adjustment Knobs for “Windage and Elevation” for precise, and quick adjustment for varying ranges, with 1 click = to 1/8 MOA.  You also get a “Side Focus Parallax” adjustment knob for when you are dialing up the power and want everything to remain in crisp, clear focus………………………… (which is very handy if you are “Popping” mice off at 1000 mtrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

3) The thing that I like the most about this scope is the “Rangefinder” reticle, which is a combination of a P4 Sniper and a Russian Sniper graduated reticle. The P4 Sniper reticle is a bit like a Mil-Dot reticle only instead of a series of dot’s you get a series of fine crosses. This makes it better over long distances in that the dot in the Mil-Dot will obscure more of the target than the finer cross will……………. (maybe I’m being too picky here, but I like to see the mouse’s eye rather than just the tip of his nose and the end of his tail) Plus the reticle is illuminated with a click of a knob, you get a green illumination with 7 levels of intensity.

4) You get all the things that a top notch scope should have like – Waterproof, Fogproof, Shockproof, Lens covers, Weaver Style Rings, Extra battery, Soft Lens Cleaning Cloth, Full instructions. All this for under $500.00……….. How about that for a deal!!!!!!!!! (What more could you need???????) You can check all the spec’s out on our website, just scroll down the tab’s on the left hand side and click on “Hunting Scopes”

Happy “Mouse” Hunting……………………………….. The “Quartermaster”


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