Tufforce Weaver Mount Carry Handle

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I have done a couple of blog’s on Gun “Wiget’s” = (small items) and would like to do one more on a Tufforce item that I like so much, that I have heaps in stock. What I am talking about is the Tufforce “Weaver Mount Carry Handle ~ G31″ ……………. Check out the picture below. I come from an era that the weapon of choice then, was the L1A1 SLR or the FN FAL Rifle, and guess what???????? they both had carry handles. We thought it was cool to “Carry” our favorite SLR or FN on and off the range by the carry handle while everyone else had to use there slings, etc. If by chance a shooter turned up without a carry handle on his SLR or FN, my first thought was………………….. WTF!!! – Your gun isn’t complete! Shame on you! Spare carry handles sold like hot cakes, especially if they were the early pattern wooden ones as they were the rarest.

Now-day’s, all sorts of rifles come with “Flat-Top” Weaver Rails, Full Length Weaver Rails, Breach Rails, etc. all of them a perfect platform to mount one of the Tufforce Carry Handles onto…………….. (did I mention that we have heaps in stock?) Even today as I stroll onto the Airsoft Playing Field with my M-4 (Airsoft) Carbine, it still gives me a pleasurable feeling to be able to cart it around by……………… You Guessed it! a Tufforce Carry Handle. This carry handle will not only fit any Weaver or Picatinny Rail, (It wont fit a 11mm Dovetail Rail) but it can be used on any rifle or shotgun, airsoft gun or paintball gun………. How’s that for versatility. It gives you that…………….. “I’ve been there and done that with my SLR, look”

If your rifle or shotgun has got a Short, Compact Scope or a Red Dot attached, this Tufforce Carry Handle will mount up just forward of them and is slim enough to not to block your vision through your sight in any way, and when not in use, it just folds down the side of your gun out of the way. If by chance you have a “Scout” rifle with a forward mounted scope, the Carry Handle will mount up at the rear of the scope. This is one “Wiget” that I just love on my rifles.

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