NcStar Hi-Res Spotting Scope

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Today’s Blog is all about a piece of equipment that is almost forgotten in the shooting industry (I had one for 10 years that never came out of it’s box) Everyone talks about their rifles, their ammo, their clothing, what they have shot, what their latest score was, who’s bought the latest toy, etc, etc. But very few shooters discuss anything about their Spotting Scopes, that’s supposing that they even own one, which most dont. I’m here to let you know just how versatile this piece of equipment can be to a shooter and what the options are.

The good folks at NcStar put out a variety of different models to suit even the fussiest of shooters, from the compact fixed 20 x power right up to the”Monster” 30x – 90x vari power model. The one that I’m interested in discussing with you today is NcStar’s new model, the “High Resolution Series” 20x – 60x Vari Power Spotting Scope ~ P30. This particular model is my all round, top pic for a spotting scope for the following reasons -

1) The main thing that I like about this scope is that it has a Tough, Black, Rubber Armoured, Over-Molded body (there is nothing like a rubber molded body…………Ooopps, sorry – wrong body) This means that you can cart this scope any where in the world, from Forrest to desert, Mountain to sea shore, Stuffed into a pack, or into your (large) pocket, this scope can take the knocks and bangs and still come up with crystal clear vision.

2) This model has a large 60mm Objective, High Quality, Precision Ground, Multi – Coated Lens, to give you a Crisp and Clear Image. Which is essential when you are trying to spot your bullet hole at 300mtrs.

3) Other features are – a built-in, slide-out sunshade on the front end, so you dont give away your position from sun glint off the front lens, which could be handy if the object that you are looking at is not in a friendly frame of mind.

4) Comes with a custom, soft carry case for an over the shoulder or a range bag/pack carry, 2 x lens cap covers, metal tripod, and a specially designed, detachable laser for quick acquisition of your target. Something that is especially handy in low-light conditions.

5) The main body is Nitrogen filled and O-Ring sealed for a Non-Fogging field of view that is shower proof and water proof, and will operate in most weather conditions.

6) Weight is a light 27.8 oz (plus tripod) Length is a compact 14.0 in’s and the lens coating is Green. And last but not least…………… the Hi-Res spotting scope is Very, Very reasonably priced. Check it out on our website.

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