Tufforce AK Quad Rail Forend

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Just thought I would do a blog on what I consider is a pretty cool forend. It’s the AK Quad Rail Forend from “Tufforce” and it is one TOUGH MOTHER of a Quad Rail. (can you tell I love Tufforce products eh) When this rail is mounted up properly, it will NOT move. This is as solid as it gets because it mounts to the barrel in two places, not the gas tube. This is a versatile piece of kit as it will fit onto most AK 7.62 x 39 Rifles and their variants, AK Airsoft rifles and even Saiga 7.62 x 39 Rifles. How do I know it fits Saiga’s…………….. One of my customers has just put one on his Saiga 7.62 x 39 rifle and he is rapt, – (Very Happy!) with it.

He had to do a wee modification on his gas tube before it would fit. This is what is needed to do – The Saiga gas tube has a (separate 2nd) sheet metal strengthening tube wrapped around the breech end of the gas tube which makes it a little wider than the standard AK / SKS gas tube by about 2 mm. To fit the Tufforce Quad Rail you will need to trim (file or grind) a little bit off both sides of the gas tube, and, or the inner lip of the Quad Rail to make a snug fit. Or you could put the Saiga gas tube in the vice and gently squeeze the sides in about 2 mm, only at the breech end though.

Once you have fitted it and tightened up all the grub screws, you are pretty much “Good To Go” All that you need to do now is decide what you want it to look like, and for what type of shooting is your Saiga going to be doing. Consider the two following  scenarios  -

1) A short range, Combat, “Shoot & Scoot” CQB Carbine. -

Once you have your “Quad Rail” firmly fixed in place, I would mount a forward grip on the bottom rail for a more secure hand hold. Then I would mount a Red Laser on the right side rail and a flashlight on the left side rail with pressure pad switches, which will give you day and night capabilities. For the top rail I would mount either a Red Dot Sight ~ R10, with 4 different reticle options, or a Red / Green Dot Holographic Sight ~ R34, with 4 different reticle options. This is for a very quick, both eyes open, target acquisition, which is essential in a urban / CQB environment. (Great for Airsoft as well)

2) A med. range, Tactical, “1st Shot Count’s” Sniper Carbine. -

Once you have your “Quad Rail” firmly fixed in place, I would mount a Universal Bipod ~ W10 on the bottom rail, that will give me a really stable platform to be able to pull off those accurate long range shots better. Then I would mount on the top rail a long eye relief “Pistolero” (Scout) Scope ~ B36 in 2x – 7x vari power with illuminated reticle (for those low light shots) I would top the whole package off with a Cheek Rest ~ Y33 on the stock for a better eye – scope alignment.

All the custom bits and pieces are available from the website…………………………………. Happy Hunting

The Quartermaster.


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