NcStar Octagon Series 3-9x Scope

A Very Happy Hunting Month to all you Bloggers and Shooters

The year is chugging along nicely as we move into April now with the Deer Stalkers all getting ready for the “Roar” and hoping to bag that Trophy Head this season. This is the time to think about replacing that old, worn out scope on your Deer Stalking Rifle with a new, good looking, indestructible scope. A couple of Blogs ago I was commenting on the “Bad Boy” NcStar Octagon Series 1.1 – 4x Scope. Well this Blog is about the Bad Boy’s Big Brother, The NcStar Octagon Series 3-9x Scope ~ B71. This scope is a really good all-rounder scope and perfect for Stag Hunting in the bush.

When you do most of your hunting or shooting in rough bush with visibility of 50mtrs out to 300mtrs then the NcStar Octagon Series 3-9x Scope ~ B71 is the scope to seriously consider for your rifle for a couple of reasons. First is that you really don’t need a 10-40 powered scope for this type of shooting as it is an “overkill” because it narrows your field of vision down substantially. Secondly, you don’t want to be lugging a $5000.00 scope around in the bush, banging it into things and scratching the Sh*t out of it. Thirdly, a Rubber Armoured Scope is much more able to take the knocks and bumps and still look good.

Lets face it, hunting in the NZ bush is a fairly tough exercise on the best of days, let alone the wet days with mud up to your crutch. This is the time when a Rubber Armoured Scope really comes into it’s own as you can sluice the mud & crap off it, rub it over with a silicone cloth and “Voila” looks like new again…………………….You Beaut!!!

The NcStar Octagon Series 3-9x Scope ~ B71 has some pretty unique features, like the Rubberized, Octagonal (8 sided) Profile which makes it stand out amongst other scopes and gives the scope a tough, invincible look about it. Also the Rheostat Knob is off-set to the left at a 45 Deg angle to make it easier to “flick on the lights” when you need them.

Magnification for this “Bad Boy” is a standard 3x-9x Vari Power with a quick action, “Twist Ring” to zoom it from 3x power up to 9x power in 1/2 a second. The Mil-Dot Reticle is a Dual Illuminated (Red or Blue) Reticle for those early morning or late dusk shots. Each colour has multiple brightness settings to choose from and a “Quick-Focus” eyepiece with fully multi coated lenses.

One bonus is that this scope comes with standard 30mm Scope Rings (included) so it doesn’t need special octagonal rings. Batteries (CR2032 Lithium) Mounting Tools and Flip-Up Lens Covers are also included.

So………….What are we waiting for??? Let’s check out the spec’s on this “Bad Boy”

Reticle – Mil-Dot

Magnification – 3x-9x Vari power

Objective Diameter – 40mm

Tube Diameter – 1in (25mm)

Outer Rubber Armor Diameter – 30mm

Field of View @ 100yds – 30.4ft (at 3x power) to 9.9ft (at 9x power)

Eye Relief – 4.3in – 3.4in

Weight – 17.7oz

Length – 12.7in

Click Value – 1/4 MOA

So Then………………In my humble opinion, would I put one of these scopes on my rifle, – “You Bet!!!” Well, what are you waiting for???? Go get yours now!!!


Happy Hunting………………………..The “Quartermaster”

NcStar Octagonal Scope Mil Dot.2


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