NcStar 3 Rail Tri-Colour Dot Sight

A Very Warm Pre-Xmas Welcome, to all you Bloggers and Shooters

Well it looks like Xmas is nearly upon us, and if you look out of the window, you will see that “All Is Well” (despite what the Media tell us) So it looks like there will be No Pandemic, No Armageddon, No World War III, No Zombie Takeover, No Alien Invasion, No Solar Flare, No Mega Tsunami, No Riots, and No Mass Shootings this year………………………Bugger!!!!! it’s going to be another real, quiet Xmas. Oh well! that means there will be time to brush up on the things you like doing best…………….Shooting, Gaming or Collecting.

This brings me to today’s new subject of discussion, which is a nifty little Tactical Dot Sight designed especially for your Flat Top AR Rifle, although in saying this, the NcStar 3 Rail Tri-Colour Dot Sight ~ R56 will fit onto any Weaver or Picatinny Rail on any Rifle, Shotgun, Paintball or Airsoft gun. It has a built in Integrated Riser that lifts the sight up by 1.5in to compensate for a Standard AR Triangular Front Post sight and incorporates a See-Through, Iron Sight, Tunnel, which is great if you run out of battery and the Dot disappears.

One “Cool” thing about the NcStar 3 Rail Tri-Colour Dot Sight ~ R56, is that it has 2 x side mounted Weaver Rails and one top mounted Weaver Rail, this gives you the option of adding some Tactical Accessories on to your Dot Sight to give you 24 hr, Night & Day capabilities, ie: 2 x High Lumen touches on either side (to instantly turn night into day) and a compact Laser mounted on the top rail. Now you’ve got one Heck of a Zombie Hunting setup. It’s also a fantastic Rabbit or Possum hunting set-up as well if you are into night shooting.

As with most Non-Magnifying (1 x) Red Dot Sights you get an Unlimited Eye Relief, that gives you very flexible mounting options so that you can mount it close up to your eyes or you can mount it down over the barrel for a long eye relief view. The large Rheostat Knob on the top is the ON/OFF switch for turning the Dot on or off and also doubles as a Brightness Level Switch giving you 3 levels of brightness for each of the coloured Dots. Being a Tri-Coloured Sight means you get a Blue Dot, a Green Dot, or a Red Dot at the click of a switch.

The whole package comes with “Bikini Style” Lens Covers, an extra battery, and mounting tools. You’ve got Windage & Elevation Knobs for sighting it in with water proof caps, the Dot Size is a serious 4.5 MOA and the LED (light emitting diode) is 100% safe for your eyes. The battery is a 3 Volt, CR2032 Lithium Flat Button Battery that is readily available from any Dick Smith, Camera Shop or Supermarket so stock up on a few of these as well.

The Tube Diameter is made from 34mm Aircraft Grade Aluminum with an Objective Diameter of 26mm, and the front lens has a Platinum Coating for a Crystal Clear Image. Weight is a very light – 12.8oz and a Length of only 4.2 oz. (light and short is good) Each click of the Windage And Elevation Knobs is 1 MOA. So in summing up this is a really great little Dot Sight that is ideal for a Tactical Carbine, perfect for those Quick Action, Close in, Targets………………….Check them out on our website.

Happy Hunting……………………………..The “Quartermaster”


NcStar 3 Rail Red Green & Blue Dot Sight