ATI Winchester Fluted Mag Extension

A warm Duck Shooting Season to all you Bloggers and Shotgunners

Just when you think you’ve got a “COOL” accessory on your Shotgun, someone turns up with an even “COOLER” accessory, and as this is the height of the Duck Shooting Season here in New Zealand, I’m dedicating this Blog to all you Duck Shooters and Shotgunners out there who want the “COOLEST” accessory on your Shotgun when you’re in the Mai-Mai. There is a definite move around the world to “Tactical-Up” shotguns these days more than ever before. 10 or 20 years ago most of us were into sporterizing our rifles and shotguns and it wasn’t common to see a “Tactical Shotgun” in fact there weren’t many Tactical Accessories that you could buy then.

These days there is an abundance of “Tactical Accessories” on the market so that you can “Pimp-Up” whatever shotgun you own, be it an El Cheapo Single Barrel Shotgun, to a Top-Of-The-Line Benelli Semi-Auto Shotgun. Now the Team at ATI Gunstocks are right up with the play when it comes to “Tactical Accessories” for your favorite “Shottie” with a whole list of exciting tactical bit’s and pieces for a wide variety of  shotgun makes and models…………………..Just check out my website to see the range of products we have available.

The “COOLEST BIT OF KIT” that we are going to discuss today is the ATI Winchester Fluted Mag Extension ~ Y89. This comes with a serrated “Stand-Off” Cap. (now why you would need a serrated stand-off cap on your mag extension when you are duck shooting escapes me, but it does look COOL!!!) If this is combined with a tactical side-folding, adjustable Stock, tactical railed Forend, tactical Heatshield, tactical Side-Saddle Mount & top rail, (for carrying extra rounds) tactical Red Dot Sight, your duck shooting shotgun ends up as a “Duck F**king” shotgun that you can blow them to smithereens, beat the “Crap” out of them with your indestructible, adjustable stock, or bayonet them with your pointed, meat-grinding, Stand-Off Cap.

Whoo Hoo!!! forget the ducks, just imagine what you can do when you’re surrounded by Zombies with all this tactical gear on your “Shottie” OK, enough of the Day-Dreaming and lets just see what the spec’s are for the ATI Winchester Fluted Mag Extension ~ Y89.

1) Will fit onto all 12g Winchester Shotguns, models 1200 & 1300.

2) Holds an additional 3 x 2 & 3/4in Shotgun Shells………….More “Bang For Your Buck”

3) Constructed of virtually indestructible, Military Type III Anodized, 6061 T6 Aluminum.

4) Needs a minimum barrel length of 20in for this 8 shot extension to fit properly.

5) The new Fluted Design includes a new Mag Spring and a Spiked “Stand-Off” Cap.

6) Easy installation with a Ratchet Base for a tight fit without coming loose under recoil.

7) Outside diameter is engineered to match the diameter of the Shotgun Barrel Lug.

So if you are wanting to increase the Mag Capacity of your Winchester Shotgun and impress your mates in the Mai-Mai, you definitely need one of these “Bad Boy” ATI Winchester Fluted Mag Extension ~ Y89 on your “Shottie” It certainly gives it the “Mean Look”

Happy Duck/Zombie Hunting………………………………….The “Quartermaster”




Professionals Choice Barrel Patches

“May Madness” Greetings to all you Bloggers and Shooters

“Something New, Something Old” as they say………………….(Don’t ask me Who said it!!!) is the theme of today’s Blog. What I mean by this is that the “Quartermaster” has Something New, (and very reasonably priced) to add to his website, that has been around ever since guns were invented…………….(the Something Old) Nearly every shooter in the world will have used something similar to this at one stage or another on their guns. I myself over the past 30 – 40 years of shooting and collecting have used thousands of these things. But then I was a little pedantic about clean barrels on the the pieces that I have owned in the past.

After a days shooting at the range, on returning home, out would come the Solvent, Oil, Brushes and Cleaning Patches and I would strip down the Firearm, clean it thoroughly, lightly oil everything then re-assemble it and put it to bed. A “Clean Gun is a Reliable Gun.” If you doubt me on this, ask any Viet Nam Vet!!! Sometimes a clean gun can save a life. (Usually Yours)

Enough of the “Burble” and on with the “Good Oil”………………Quartermaster Supplies have landed a supply of Pre-Cut, Barrel Cleaning Patches from the “Professionals Choice Co.” in the USA. These patches are genuine US manufactured, 100% Cotton Flannel Cleaning Patches, all pre-cut to whatever caliber you want and in a handy, lite-weight, snap-lock bag that is small enough to fit anywhere. Pop one in your Pocket, Chuck one in your Pack, Stick one in your Webbing, Throw one into your Tactical Vest, Biff one in your Battle Belt, whatever war you find yourself in, make sure you have a pack of the “Professionals Choice” Barrel Cleaning Patches with you.

We have on hand Square Cut Cleaning Patches from .22 caliber up to 12g shotgun caliber, and everything in-between, (sorry, we don’t have patches for the 30mm Vulcan Gun yet!!!!!) Now the other bonus is that all you Airsoft Super Gamers can benefit from clean barrels as well. (Yes!!! 6mm Airsoft Barrels do get dirty and will jam up your gun usually at the worst possible moment, leaving you open to getting shot as well) We have a dedicated .25 cal / 6mm Cotton Flannel Cleaning patch just for you. Remember……..Clean Barrels = Less Jams = Less Getting Shot!!!

For those shooters that still like to cut their own patches, we have in stock the 10 yard long x 4 in’s wide Rolls of 100% Cotton Flannel Cleaning Cloth that comes pre marked with guide lines  every 2 in’s. These are easy to cut or tear off into whatever lengths you want. (If you have a 30mm Vulcan in your collection, this is the one you will need) For those of you that are fortunate to own a Battle Ship with 36 in Main Guns, check with me first, I have a line on “Polar Fleece Blankets” that would make great barrel cleaning patches……….Ha Ha Ha! Who Sez we Can’t Clean it.

Check out the new “Gun Cleaning Gear” on my website.

Happy Cleaning………………………………..The “Quartermaster”








Viet Nam Era Ammo Bandoleers

“May Madness” Greetings to all you Shooters, Collectors, Gamers and the like

My sincere apologies for not writing a Blog for the last few weeks, but (in my defense) I have just got back from a trip abroad, (Australia) having a complete break from everything that sounds and smells like WORK !!! and in my ambling round the countryside I came across a very interesting shop that sold everything from a bag of lollies to nuts & bolts to Mil Surp Gear. Whoo Hoo, I’m in my element now!!!

I could have bought enough to fill a container, (So much Neat Stuff………..So Little Space) But as I only had a small amount of space left in my already bulging suitcase I had to keep my hands firmly in my pockets. I did manage to score some very nice and very collectable, Viet Nam Era, .223 Stripper Clip, US Cloth Bandoleers ~ G44. There used to be heaps of this sort of stuff around 20 odd years ago but not so much these days. The GOOD stuff is getting harder and harder to find now.

For all you Shooters out there that like to shoot the 5.56×45 or .223 round, you are going to love these Genuine Ammo Bandoleers as they are really the “Bee’s Knee’s”for carting your excess ammo around. It doesn’t matter if you are just going to the farm for a “Plinking” session, going to the range for a tournament or going to Odessa to sort out the Russians, these Viet Nam Ammo Bandoleers are one of the most comfortable ways for carrying any ammo that is over and above your normal load-out.

They are made of O.D. Green canvas Mil-Spec material each with 7 pockets that will take 2 x 10rd Stripper Clips per pocket or 1 x 20rd M16 mag per pocket, making a total of 140 rounds per bandoleer. If you strap on 2 x bandoleers, criss-crossed across your chest or back you can carry an extra 280 rounds over and above what you would normally carry………………………Now that’s a serious ‘Warrior War Load”

They are all marked with Military Markings :- 5.56MM, BALL M193, 10RD CLIPS, REPACK MF 7/71, LOT CIS 2/69……………………Some of the dates do vari a little bit. I have a limited supply of these fine collectables so it is 1st in 1st served.

Happy collecting………………………………………The “Quartermaster”


M16 Bandoleer