Vism – Folding Dump Pouch

Easter Greetings to all you Shooters and Bloggers

The item that we are going to have a look at today is a pouch that has a multitude of uses, it’s one of those inexpensive little things that not many shooters have in their kit, but, who after reading this blog might take a second look at this wonderful, versatile piece of essential kit. What I’m talking about is the Vism – Folding Dump Pouch ~ O76* and I’m going to show you just how versatile this pouch can be. (NB: This is not a pouch that you take a “Dump” or “Piss” into) Now the folks at Vism/NcStar are forward thinkers and in these uncertain times you need to have kit that is very versatile so that you can react to any given situation without spending heaps of time and money trying to set up your GTW bag at the last minute, or trying to adapt your kit to the mission that’s just been sprung on you.

My personal opinion is that every shooter, hunter, gamer, butcher, baker and candlestick maker, should have a Dump Pouch attached to their GTW Tactical Op’s Kit. It doesn’t matter if you are just a person that likes to go out on the farm for a “Plinking” session, or a shooter that is off to the range, or a gamer on a “Blitzkrieg” mission, or a hunter out in the bush, bringing home the bacon, or even a soldier, strolling down to the market place in Kabul for beer & chips, it pays to have a Dump Pouch on in case things turn nasty. The reason I say this is because 90% of the time, we don’t have a pack on our backs and when we come across something we want to take with us…………….Where do we put it???? In our Dump Pouch, of course!!!!

Take the “Plinker” person, out on the farm having a great day shooting at this and that, sits down for lunch and afterwards cleans up and where does he put the lunch wrappings, empty bullet packets and rubbish……………In his Dump Pouch of course!!!! What about the hunter who is out in the bush on his way back home with his pig, and spots some “Puha” for the pot, or maybe some wild flowers for the wife, where does he put these things????………….. In his Dump Pouch of course!!!! Even a shooter going to the range, having a Dump Pouch on means he can quickly “Scarf-Up” all the empty shells for reloading, that have been left lying around or putting his empty mags into the pouch for retrieval later on.

What about the Hard Core Airsoft Gamer,……………..if you are going hard-out all day, you are going to go through a more than a few mags of BB’s, and where do you put your empty mags so that they don’t get mixed up with your full mags????(as there is nothing worse than going for a Tactical Mag Change, under pressure, and slapping in an empty mag, pulling the trigger and hearing that dreadful sound – “CLICK” ………………. “Oh Sh*t!!!)…………………You put them in your Dump Pouch, of course!!!! safely out of the way till you can load them all up again when the “Sh*t-Fight” dies down. Or you can use your Dump Pouch for holding those extra bags of loose BB’s if you don’t have many spare mags.

So lets check out the statistics on this versatile pouch -

  • The New VISM Folding Dump Pouch allows you to quickly store your Shooting Gear into a convenient pouch when you need it.
  • The Dump Pouch folds flat into a compact size when not in use. Size Folded: 5”L X 5”H X 1¼”W
  • The Dump Pouch unfolds into a large pouch, able to hold 7 AR or AK 30 round magazines. Size Opened: 7½”L X 8½”H X 3½”W
  • A Large Adjustable Elastic Draw Cord Opening allows easy access into the pouch. With the Elastic Draw Cord pulled in it helps secure the contents into the pouch. Velcro Flap to secure contents inside the pouch.
  • A 2nd Elastic Draw Cord to secure the Velcro Flap out of the way of the Opening for easy access into the pouch.
  • The Dump Pouch has two PAL Straps on the back side to secure onto MOLLE Compatible Gear.
  • Drain Grommet located on the bottom of the Dump Pouch.
  • Constructed with Heavy Duty PVC Fabric.
  • Available Colors: Black, Digital Camo, Green, and Tan.

Well then Comrades, What are you waiting for……………..Rush out and buy a Vism – Folding Dump Pouch ~ O76* It just might come in handy on your next Search & Destroy & Pillaging Operation.

Happy Shooting………………………..The “Quartermaster”





Vism – Shot-Shell Carrier Pouch

A Pleasant and Happy Easter to all you Blog Readers

In my last Blog I was talking about the Vism Molle-Pals Vest and in previous Blogs I have discussed Shotgun Stocks, Shotgun Heatshields, Shotgun Scabbards, etc. and as there is nothing better that a Shotgun for short range shooting, I thought I should do a Blog on a new item, (for all you avid Shotgunners) that the good folks from Vism have put out on the market. Now we all know that a single Shotgun Round is a fairly large bullet, and if you are the “Lead Scout” Shotgunner in your Team, chances are that you need to carry lot’s of rounds. This is where the Vism Molle-Pals Vest and the Vism – Shot-shell Carrier Pouch ~ O93/B will come in very handy.

Up until recently, if you wanted to carry a lot of Shotgun Shells for your combat mission, you usually only had Mag Pouches or pockets or bandolier slings, etc to carry your shells in, which ment you could carry lots, but they were a right bitch to get out and into your shotgun in a hurry. It is always the thing that when you need to reload in a hurry, the “Sh*t is Coming Down Big Time!!!” and the sooner that you can get reloaded, the sooner you can get back into the game and make a difference. It is one thing to bang off a rifle round at something, but it is something else entirely to bang off a Shotgun Round and get 9 projectiles coming your way all at once. No wonder they called the shotgun the “Trench Broom,” the “Street Sweeper” and the “Zombie Reaper”

So if you are the “Pointman” in your squad or the Shotgunner in your Team, I would seriously look at the new Vism – Shot-Shell Carrier Pouch ~ O93/B as these simple items will make your reloads a whole lot easier and quicker. Lets take a look at the stat’s of these nifty items. -

1) The Shot Shell Pouch has Elastic Loops to hold a total of 17 Shot Shells. There are 2 rows of 6 Elastic loops inside the Pouch and a single row of 5 Elastic Loops of the front Flap of the Pouch.

2) The Shot Shell Pouch is MOLLE Compatible. The Pouch has three PALS Straps located on the back panel for securing Pouch onto your MOLLE webbing. You can attach this Shot Shell Pouch to a: MOLLE Vest, Shotgun Case, Shotgun Scabbard, or any MOLLE compatible gear.

3) The Flap is secured to the front of the pouch with Heavy Duty Velcro. The Flap can also be secured back onto itself, using the extra strip of Loop Velcro sewn onto the inside of the Flap. This will give the shooter an open and easy access to the Shot Shells inside the Pouch.

4) There are also two each 2¼” Belt Loops on the backside of the Pouch, for securing it onto a Belt and all the edge seams are double stitched and re-enforced with web material, Plus there is a drainage Grommet located in the bottom of the pouch for any moisture to drain away.

5) they come in 4 colour options to suit your particular Camo Uniform – “Bad-Ass Black”, ACU Digital Camo, “Gung-Ho Green” and “Turkmenistan Tan”

6) Length – 7.0 in’s

7) Height – 4.0 in’s

8) Weight – 3.6 oz

So my Turkey Shooting, Duck Plucking, Weekend Warriors, I think the new Vism – Shot-Shell Carrier Pouch ~ O93/B is just the “Duck’s Nutt’s” and you can check them out on my Website.

Happy Hunting……………………….The “Quartermaster”