Vism Molle-Pals Tactical Vest

A Very Happy “Shooting” welcome to all the Shooters out there.

This Blog if for all the people who like Shooting in the world, for without them there would be no new Guns & Gear!!! You shooters will always want New & Innovative Guns & Gear and there seems like there is an avalanche of new and exciting stuff being dreamed up these last few years with great technological advances in Guns & Gear being made and then flooding onto the market place. This is so true when it comes to “Tactical Load-Out Vests” There is a “Plethora” (a Sh*t Load) of different types of vests to choose from, everything from the Top-Of-The-Line Blackhawk Vests, designed for the “Real War” Shooters down to Gamer and Paintballer Tactical Vests, designed for the “Play War” Shooters.

This is where the good folks at Vism / NcStar come in with their super, light-weight, Vism Molle-Pals Tactical Vest ~ O35/B. Now for all you Tactically Minded, Hunter Gatherers, Zombie Killers, or Super Gamers out there who like to “Taylor Make” their own gear to suit their own specific requirements, and who’s missions turn out to be Lightning Fast, “Shoot n Skoot” Operations where you don’t need a lot of superficial gear, and the term – “Light is Fast and Fast is Good” applies, then look no further than the super light-weight, Vism Molle-Pals Tactical Vest ~ O35/B. This vest is a straight Molle-Pal’s lightweight Mesh vest with Molle all over it so that you can organize your own specific, tactical gear and snap it in place on the vest to suit your mission.

And when your next mission comes up you can put extra gear on or take stuff off or just change a few things around on this vest to suit. That is the beauty of this simple vest in that you can set it up for a “Rabbit Rampage” on the farm with your trusty Ruger 10/22 Rifle and a few Brick’s of .22 ammo, or you can have it set up for your “Redwolf G.E. Airsoft Minigun and Backpack for a “Hose The Sh*t Out of Everything” mission, or maybe you just need a vest full of “Mag’s & Frag’s” to blast your way through the the Zombies so that you can get to the Supermarket to stock up on Chip’s & Dip, or any other Tactical Operation in between you can have this vest set up in any configuration that you need for whatever type of mission that you are going on.

So lets see what sort of Stat’s that we have on this vest -

1) You get a Heavy Duty Double Mesh lined vest with Reinforced Nylon Pal’s Webbing that covers this vest, front and back, and from top to bottom, which means that you can strap on whatever you want, wherever you want on it………………You Beaut!!!

2) The Vest’s come with 3 x Front, Quick-Release Buckles, 6 x Side Adjustment Straps which make for a solid custom fit, and both shoulders have adjustment flaps that can be used for lengthening or shortening the vest.

3) On the back you get a Padded Hydration System Pouch that will hold a Hydration Bladder securely in place (Bladder is not included) as you can get mighty thirsty “Mowing down Zombies” all day.

4) This whole rig also includes a Heavy Duty, Fully Adjustable, Pistol Belt that is attached to the vest by Velcro & Snap Fastener, Webbing Straps, but is detachable as well if needed.

5) Now while we don’t as yet have this in a “Pretty Girl Pink” colour, we do have them in 5 x Tactical Colours :- “Zombie Dead-Op’s” Black, ACU Digi Camo, “Hamburger Hill” O.D. Green, “Mad Max” Tan and “Chernobyl” Urban Grey.

So my Rampaging, Rape and Pillaging, Warriors, thinking of a new Light-Weight, Tactical, Assault Vest……………………..Think – “Vism Molle-Pals Tactical Vest ~ O35/B* Check them out on my Website.

Happy Hunting………………………..The “Quartermaster”



Vism X/Large Scoped Rifle Bag

Warm Greeting to all you Blogger & Blog Readers

There is an old saying that goes something like this………….”You Can Never Have Too Many Bags!!!” and for those of you that are avid Shooters, Hunters, Collectors, Preppers, Gamers, Zombie Hunters and the like, we need bags for everything. Whether you are just popping down to the range for a short “Plinking” session or you are heading to the Ukraine (with your GE Minigun) ready to “Rain Down Some Sh*t” on any invading army, one of the most important things that you are going to need for the day or whatever length of time you are away,  is a Bag, (or Bag’s) for all of your items and their accessories. As we well know……………Shooting, is a Multi-Item Discipline.

Regardless of whether you shoot Softair or Paintball guns, Crossbows, Airguns, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns or GE Miniguns, there is always a need for a good Bag or 4 to keep all your accessories secure and together, and your main “items” are a lot easier to cart around in a Bag and are protected from bumps and knocks as well. Now for those of you that like to shoot long rifles with a host of accessories attached to them, you will probably find that most gun bags tend to run out of bag very quickly, and you end up not being able to zip your bag up properly and you find that your large scope or your bipod and front grip are sticking out of your bag……………………Not a good look!!!

Well……….”Have we got a Hot Potatoe for you!!!” (said the Green Grocer to the prostitute) or in other words……………Check out the Vism Black X/Large Scoped Rifle Bag ~ O66/B This truly is a Xtra-Large Gun Bag in every way as it is a “Whopping” 52 in’s long by a “Super Tall” 16 in’s high. You could fit your G.P.M.G. into this “Puppy.” It would certainly fit a long Sniper Rifle with a sizable Scope on it and perhaps a largish bipod, including a silencer as well as being able to fit 5 x large Gear / Magazines in the side pockets……………….How about That!!!

The whole bag is constructed of a Tough PVC Material with a High Density Foam Inner Padding to keep your “Precious” warm, happy & secure. It comes with 2 x Heavy Duty Zippers so that you can zip up from either end, a large, fully adjustable, Shoulder Strap for a “sling over your shoulder” carry, plus you get 2 x Sturdy, well balanced, Carry Handles that velcro together for a strong, quick, pick-up and carry mode. So all-in-all, if you have a large scoped Rifle or a G.P.M.G. that wont fit into a normal gun bag, maybe its time to invest in a Vism X/Large Scoped Rifle Bag ~ O66/B (You Wont Be Disappointed) Check them out on our web site.

Happy Hunting………………………………..The “Quartermaster”


Vism “TAC-OP’s” Field Bag

Greetings to all you shooters and Bloggers

Well here we are again, into March now, quiet as a mouse out there, (unless you are in Syria of course.) Even the Zombies are staying home to munch on themselves, Not a Pandemic in sight, It’s been decided that Armageddon will be postponed indefinitely, The Giant Asteroid has decided to “F**K-OFF” and crash into some other planet, There are No Planes Smashing into Tall Buildings, The Super Heroes have called it a day and all gone home for Tea, and all the people that really count, The Shooters, have decided that this week is “World Man-Bag Week”…………………Yeee Haaaaa!!!! ……………… Well that’s my story anyhow. (cant wait for the sequel)

Talking about “Bag’s” now, (as you all know) if you are a shooter, you most certainly need a good bag or 2, to cart your “Essential Kit” around, this is because shooting is a “Multi-Item” discipline. It doesn’t matter if you are just going to the range for a plinking session or going to Basra for a  “Rain Down .223″ session, you have to have some bags to – a) Carry all the items that you need &, – b) keep everything secure and all together. Well Guess What!!! I have another bag to Blog about for your consideration. It’s the Vism “TAC-OP’s Field Bag ~ O19/G,…………….and what a “Man-Bag” this is!!!  The “TAC-OP’s” stands for “Tactical Operations.” I call it the “Tardis Bag” because although it looks  reasonably compact, it really will hold much more gear than you think it would hold.

Let’s check out the Spec’s on this bag -

1) 1st of all I would like to start with the outside of the Vism “TAC-OP’s Field Bag ~ O19/G and one of the nice touch’s here with this bag is that it comes with a Strong, Length Adjustable, Well Padded Shoulder Strap, which is an absolute must (to my way of thinking) when you are carrying a lot of gear. This can be attached or detached in 2 sec’s by Karabiner’s at each end of the sling, and that makes things so much more comfortable to carry. Plus you get a pair of very strong, webbing, Carry Handles on the top that are attached to the sides for extra strength.

2) On one side of the Bag you get a large 200mm x 200mm utility, quick-access, pouch with a velcro patch on the outside, so that you can attach your name patch or your flag patch to. A 100mm tall “Quick-Change”, Pistol mag pouch, plus 2 x 190mm tall pouches that will accommodate a AR Type (Take-Down) Cleaning Rods and a 9mm or .45 Pistol cleaning rod. On the other side of the Large Utility Pouch, there is a 50mm wide x 190mm tall pouch that will take several, long (doubled over) cable ties for when you need some “Quick Cuff’s”

3) On the other side of the bag you get 2 x Mag Pouches that will hold 1 x 30 rd. AK or AR type mag in each pouch, these come with velcro flaps to secure your mags. The velcro flaps are detachable in case you want to use the pouches for something else. (The guys at Vism think of everything don’t they) Next to the Mag Pouches is a smaller pouch that will take a Grenade or a “Flash-Bang” just in case you have to go through a Really, Really, Rough Neighborhood.

4) Another nice touch from the folks at Vism is that at each end of the bag you get 2 x extra large pouches that are big enough to take a 32 oz Water Bottle each, (or 2 x Bourbon & Cola Cans or a couple of “Stubbies” in each) How about that!!!……………………..I tell you, it’s thirsty work “Mowing Down Zombies”

5) Now to check out the inside of this “TAC-OP’s” Bag, It has a detachable, Padded, Middle Divider that velcro’s on to each end, and comes with a document pouch in the middle. One side comes with 2 x larger mag pockets, and one smaller, Pistol Mag pocket ………………………….(there is no such thing as “Too Many Mags!!!”) and the other side has 3 x Removable, Velcro Bungees to hold your Pistols secure……………………..What a Magic Field Bag this is. Even if you didnt want to put Pistols into this bag it would hold 2 x small S.M.G’s. Now that’s a Bonus!!!!!

6) BUT WAIT THERE’s MORE!!!.………………..This Vism “TAC-OP’s Field Bag comes in the following colours. – Tactical Black, OD Green, Desert Tan, Urban Grey and Pretty Pink!!!!! Now the ladies can got out with the boys with their own Tactical Bag. Whoo Hoo!!! Just imagine what they could fit in it – Hair brushes, Combs, Lipsticks, Eye Liners, Ipad, Smartphone, Sanitary Equipment, Face Powder Compact, Keys, Hair Dryer, Tissues, etc, etc, etc.

Happy Shopping, (Whoop’s) I ment Shooting!…………………………………………….The “Quartermaster”