NcStar Large Binoculars 20×70 Power

A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all you Shooters and Bloggers. I hope everyone had a great Xmas and you all managed to persuade Santa to drop off all the gear that you wanted…………….Ha Ha Ha. As we are fast approaching the New Year at a “Great-Rate-Of-Knots” so to speak, it’s good to get a clear picture of what’s coming up in front of us. This is where this next little item I am going to Blog about would definitely come in handy. As with all Shooters, Gamers, Boaties, Hunters, Bird Watchers, Preppers and Zombie Hunters, one of the most important items to have in your “War Chest” is a good pair of Binoculars.

This is one of the few times that I would say “Bigger is Better” and “To Hell With The Weight” because I figure that the further away you can identify the enemy, the better prepared you can be when they reach you. It’s like shooting a .308 cal to their .223 cal………………… you can reach out and touch them long before they can do the same to you. The more extended your vision is, the better prepared you can be, and what better Bino’s to have in your Kit Bag than the NcStar 20×70 Fixed Power Binoculars ~ P31. These are a Large “Mother” of a Bino, and you will seriously think that you are the Captain of a Battleship with this pair in your hands.

So, lets talk about what you get when you purchase a set of these NcStar 20×70 Fixed Power Binoculars ~ P31. For a start they are a fairly large set of Bino’s, weighing in at a hefty 44.0 oz’s, and are 10.4 in’s in length, so if you run out of ammo, and you have dropped your knife somewhere you can at least start “Whopping” a few Zombie heads with these Bino’s to get you through. No problem with these tough Bino’s as they are covered in a Black Rubber-Armoured Protective Coating to take the toughest of conditions.

You’ve got a powerful 20 x (Fixed Power) Magnification that is combined with a extra large 70mm front lens, which are multi coated with a ruby coating, nitrogen filled and “O-Ring” sealed, to provide you with a Crisp, Clear image, this is essential when you are dialing in on the enemy from 2-3 klm’s away. Plus with the 70mm large front lens, you get a wide Field of View of 220 ft, at 100 yds. (440 ft at 200 yds, etc, etc.)

These Large Bino’s come with a Ambidextrous, Central Focus Knob, for fast focusing, plus an individual Fine Eye focus so that both eyes can be in focus. If you need to set these Bino’s up on a Tripod, then you are in luck as they are Tripod Adapter Compatible. (all you need is the Tripod and a Goose Necked Adapter) The whole package includes a Soft Carry Case, a Neck Strap and Rubber Lens Caps……………………….How good is that??? And the best thing of all……………………..These Bino’s are really, really, really, reasonably priced. Check them out on    my website.

Happy Spotting………………………………………….The “Quartermaster”








ATI Rifle, Magazine Dust Covers

A Very Happy Xmas to all the Readers of my Blog

It is so close to Xmas now, Sun is Shining, No Snow, Snoopy hasn’t been shot down by the Red Barron yet, and all is well. Whoo Hoo! The “Calm Before The Storm” maybe??? So I just thought I would do a quick blog before Xmas to let you all know about a couple of little Xmas Stocking Fillers that will make your life a little easier in the long run. Let me first run a couple of scenarios past you so that you can see what I am talking about. 1) If the bulk of your Fighting & Shooting is done in the “Stan” (Afghanistan) in sandy/dusty conditions, and you will be “Ninjaing” around in the dust and dirt, them these little items will save your life. 2) If though the bulk of your Fighting & Shooting is done in the “Mekong Delta” (During the wet season) and you tend to roll around in the mud alot, then these little items will also save your life. 3) or if you do alot of hunting in New Zealand Bush Conditions during our winter, – very wet and muddy, then these little items could save you from missing your target.

So, my friends, just what are we going on about here?……………………… We are talking about the ATI AR15 Magazine, Rubber Dust Covers ~ Y31 and the ATI AK47 Magazine, Rubber Dust Covers ~ Y67. These great little items slip over your Loaded or Unloaded Mag’s to stop mud or dust or twigs, or any sort of Sh*t getting into your mag’s which could effect the reliability of your rifle, by jamming it up, or making it misfire. Now as we all know, this usually happens at the worst possible moment, (“Murphy’s Law” Happens) Dont forget the old saying, – “A Clean Rifle is a Reliable Rifle” and that applies to the ammo as well!!! If you doubt me, just check out the movie “The Hurt Locker” and see what happens when you get Blood & Sh*t all over your .50 cal ammo………………could have gone horribly wrong!!!

Everyone that uses an AK or an AR type rifle should seriously consider these Rubber Dust Covers for their mags as they could save you a whole lot of pain when it comes to “Missfires” or “Jam-up’s” They are made of soft black rubber so, very easy to pop on and quick to flick off with your thumb. there is 4 x dust covers to a pack, and they are “Cheap As Chips.” Now the other Bonus is that these Dust Covers will fit on your “Airsoft” AR & AK mags as well, which is a good thing as the Electric Rifles are a little susceptible to dust and dirt.

Dont forget to check them out on our website.

Happy Hunting…………………………………………….The “Quartermaster”

ATI AK47 MAG. DUST COVERS ~ Y67 - Click Image to Close

ATI AR-15 MAG. DUST COVERS ~ Y31 - Click Image to Close

NcStar Tactical Series 3-9×42 Scope

A Very Warm (Southern Hemisphere) Xmas to all the Bloggers and Shooters out there.

Yep, She’s shaping up to be a very warm Xmas this year down here in little old New Zealand. If you do alot of shooting in open country you will certainly notice the heat more, that if you shoot in the thick bush at this time of year. Talking about shooting this Xmas now, I think this is a good time to check out another great Xmas Stocking Filler from the good folks at NcStar. What we are talking about is the NcStar Tactical Series 3-9×42 Scope ~ B33. So……………………. if your main shooting or hunting style is “Potting” targets, game or Zombies out to 400-500mtrs then this is where a “Vari Power Scope” comes into it’s own. One of the nice things about a “Vari Power” is the ability to wind-up the power settings to suit the distance that you are shooting at. For example, – If you are trying to get out of “Dodge” by walking down the main street and Zombies are popping out of doorways, jumping out of windows and running around the corners to make a meal of you, you wouldn’t be using the full 9x power on your scope, 3x power is plenty as the distance that you are shooting at is only 50mtrs to 150mtrs. If though you are walking down the main street and you spot a bunch of Zombies coming down the road 3-4 blocks away, (300-400mtrs) then you might wind-up the zoom on your scope to 9x to get a more precise head shot on the front ones (AKA – “World War Z”) before you “F**k Off Smartly” in the opposite direction………….LOL!

To put it another way – If you are hunting in sparse bush and it is possible to see out to 150mtrs between the trees, then you would most likely only use the 3x power so that you can get onto your target quicker by having a wider field of view. Then as you travel along you come out onto a wide open plateau that is 300-400mtrs across, this is where you would “crank-up” the power setting on your scope to 9x power so that you can see your targets on the other side clearing, which will give you a more precise head shot at that range. (AKA – “Blood Diamond”) before you “F**k Off Smartly” in the opposite direction and before “All Hell” rains down on your recently vacated position………………….LOL!

So…………………Back now to the real world. The NcStar Tactical Series 3-9×42 Scope ~ B33 is a great little, versatile Tactical Scope that would look good on any Carbine, Assault Rifle or your Short Barreled “B/A” Rifle, as it is only 7.5 inches long. (less than an inch longer that the 4x Scope) and just like the Tactical Series 4×32 Scope that I talked about in my last Blog, the NcStar Tactical Series 3-9×42 Scope ~ B33 (in my opinion) is just as good as the 4×32 Scope but just a bit more versatile in that it has a bigger front lens and can handle the longer distances better. (more “Grunt” for your “Buck” as they say)

Let’s see what the Technical Spec’s are -

1) Magnification – Is a 3x – 9x Vari Power with a tube diameter of 1 in, (25mm) with a compact length of 7.5 in’s.

2) Reticle – Is a P4 Sniper reticle with a Red Illumination option that has 7 levels of intensity, at the quick twist of a dial.

3) Eye Relief – Of 3.0 in’s with a large, front lens, objective diameter of 42.0 mm.

4) A field of view of 37.7 ft at 100 yds, on 3x power, down to 12.5 ft at 100 yds on 9x power.

5) Weight – A very light weight 12.1 oz (excl. Rings) and has a Click Value of 1/2 MOA at 100 yds.

6) Lens Colour – Comes with a Ruby Multi-Coated Lens coating for enhanced light gathering capabilities.

7) And finally – Comes with plastic Lens Covers and a spare Battery for your Reticle Illumination.

So my Xmas Zombie Killers, don’t forget to pop one of these little beauties into your Xmas Stocking, you wont be disappointed. (I just love these tactical series scopes)

Happy Shooting……………………………………..The “Quartermaster”