ATI Marlin Fiberforce Stock

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I think that we should make this month of October – “Stock Month” for my blogs as I have got a few stocks to talk about. One thing you can rely on with an ATI Stock is that you are getting a Quality Product that is Comfortable to Shoot with, Damm near Indestructible, Good Looking and Light Weight………………….Oh!!! and at a reasonable price as well!!! What a Bargain!!! If you are looking for a good little .22 “Plinker” something for the Kids or Grand Kids to learn proper gun handling skills on, then you cant go past the Ruger 10/22 Semi Auto Rifle (my 1st choice) or the Marlin Model 60 Semi Auto (Tube Mag) or the Model 75 (Detachable Mag) and the Model 990. (for my 2nd choice) Lets face it…………..Most kids LOVE a Semi Auto Rifle, even though it costs Dad a Sh*t load more in ammo, they just love the idea that they can do quick follow-up shots (usually emptying the mag in the process)…………….God Bless them all!!! Just to see the big smiles on their faces after blasting a Baked Bean can to shreds is always worth much more than the ammo used.

Ok, getting down to business now, the particular stock that we are going to discuss today is the ATI Marlin Fiberforce Stock ~ Y39/B, which (as luck would have it) will fit on the Marlin Model 60, the Model 75 and also the model 990………………………You Beaut!!! One of the most important things to like about the ATI Marlin Fiberforce Stocks is that they are lighter (weighs only 26 oz’s) than the wooden stocks and are more comfortable to hold. This is a big thing to a kid, (or anyone for that matter) especially if he has to “Lug” the thing around. The last thing you want to do if you are teaching a kid proper gun handling skills is to give him a Bloody Heavy piece of wood and metal thing to carry around, see how quickly he gets over wanting to learn all about guns then!!!

So for a start, we have a lighter Stock and in the tried & true Dragunov Style of stock that we know is a very comfortable and easy to line up stock, once again just great for the younger Kids (or even a Big Kid) These ATI Fiberforce Stocks are compatible with Iron Sights or Red Dot Sights or any Optical Sights. For NZ conditions and Law, this stock is a Legal “A Category” Stock so no special endorsements needed on your license to fit one of these to your Marlin Rifle. Another Bonus is that it is a very easy, drop in installation, and no special tools are needed to fit this stock to your Marlin.

The Package comes with a Ventilated Forend for good Heat Dissipation and a Top Handguard to stop you getting burnt fingers, a built-in Cheek Rest with a 3M “Soft Touch” Cheek Rest Pad for a smooth, no-bite, Cheek Weld, plus 2 x Sling Swivel Studs for your Quick Release Tactical Sling. The Stock is extremely scratch resistant having been made in the USA from DuPont, Extreme Temperature, Glass Reinforced Polymer which makes it pretty near Darn Indestructible. (Which is just wonderful for being “Kid Proofed”)

NB: The ATI Marlin Fiberforce Stock ~ Y39/B will not fit the Model 795 Bolt Action or any “Bull Barrel” Marlin without some minor modifications.

Now in my (Humble) opinion, the best (as they say) is yet to come!!! and what I mean by that is that you can have your Marlin in 3 different colours, – Tactical Black ~ Y27/B, Desert Tan ~ Y44/T and Destroyer Grey ~ Y43/G, that way each of the kids can have their own colour coordinated Marlin………………..No need for their rifles to get mixed up again………….You Little Beaut!!!

Happy Plinking…………………………………….The “Quartermaster”

ATI Saiga Talon Tactical Stock

Greeting to all you Bloggers and Shooters out there

Guess What!!!…………………….I get to talk about my favorite (AK Clone) Shotgun today, the Russian Built Saiga, Semi-Auto, 12g Shotgun, and the wonderful Stock Up-Grade from ATI that will make your Saiga an absolute “Dream”to shoot. There is no question in my mind that a Box Mag Fed. 12g Shotgun, that is built on an AK platform, is certainly one of the Best All-Round Shotguns on the market today……………..especially for the small amount of money spent. I will admit that straight out-of-the-box it looks a little “Goofy” with it’s Long Barrel and it’s Monte Carlo Type Stock, but with a little “Titivating” here and there, you will end up with a Great Looking, Super Tactical, Super Reliable, Zombie Shredding, “M***ER-F***ER” Shotgun!!!!! They say that there is a place for every thing under the sun, and this is certainly true for the Saiga 12g Shotgun as we well know how versatile a shotgun can be with the vast amount of different munitions that can be had for the 12g “Shottie”. From Bird Shot to OO Buckshot, Solids to Flechettes, “Slice n Dice” Washers to Dragons Breath, Rock Salt to Rubber pellets, Exploding Bird Scarers to 12g, Fin Stabilized Grenades………………the list is endless.

Now one of the “Goofy” things about the Saiga Civilian Shotgun is that the Trigger unit has been put back to the end of the breech to facilitate being able to shoot it with the Monte Carlo type stock and to put a normal AK Pistol Gripped Stock on, requires you to move the whole trigger group forward, drill new holes, etc,etc. Not a major job for a competent gunsmith, but not one I would like to tackle. This is where we come to the Really Good Stuff ………………………The ATI Saiga Talon Tactical Stock Kit ~ Y48/B. With this Stock Kit on your Saiga, not only will it make your “Shottie” look a whole lot better, but it will bolt straight onto the rear of your breech without having to move the Trigger Group forward…………….You Beaut!!!! Easy As!!!! This mod, should be your first little “Titivation” in “Pimping” your Saiga up, then you can do things like shortening up the barrel, getting a “Meat Tenderizer” Muzzle Brake put on, maybe a full Tactical Heat Shield and rail system for the front end, pop a Red Dot Sight with a built in Laser on the top rail……………………..WaaaHooo!!! your Saiga will be in Zombie Heaven!!!!

Lets just see how much “Bang” you get for your “Buck” with this Kit -

1) A 6 position adjustable AR Type Buttstock (Fixed / Non-Adjustable Stock for NZ Shooters) with a Scorpion Razorback, removable, buttpad to help soak up the 12g recoil and make your shooting experience a pleasant one.

2) An adjustable, removable, Cheek Rest with a 3M Self Adhesive, Soft Touch Cheek Rest Pad that will take the “Bite” out of the Recoil Cheek Bite and will help to make your shooting experience a most comfortable one.

3) You get interchangeable sling mounts for right handed and left handed shooters, as well as being able to take a Single Point Sling or a 2 Point Sling or an ordinary Rifle Sling. This gives you multiple options to comfortably carry your Saiga.

4) Comes with an Ergonomic, Scorpion Razorback, Recoil Reducing, Non-Slip Pistol Grip that makes your Saiga much easier to handle in adverse conditions as well as reducing felt recoil, which I’m sure all of you will agree is a Great Thing!

5) Now we come to the Really Neat S**t!!! The Bonus Sweetener!!! – This Kit will fit straight onto your Saiga without having to modify your trigger assembly……………..You Beaut!!! But Wait – There’s More!!! Easy to fit, No Specialized Tools needed…………..You Beaut!!! But Wait – There’s Still More!!! This package will not only fit your Saiga 12g Shotgun, it will fit your Saiga Rifles as well……………………Super Bonus!!!………………..Look Out Zombies!!!

So All-in-All, If you own a Saiga Shotgun/Rifle and you put one of these Talon Tactical Stock Kit’s on it……………………You wont be disappointed

Dosvadanya, Comrades, Have Nice Day!!!……………………………………The “Quartermaster”


ATI Ruger Mini 14 Strikeforce Stock

A Warm Spring Greeting to all you Bloggers and Shooters

The subject that we are going to discuss today, is (in part) a subject that I don’t have much experience with. That is to say, the Ruger Mini 14, or the Ruger Mini 30 Rifles. Most of my fellow shooters have owned or still own either a Mini 14 or a Mini 30 rifle, yet I have never had the inclination to purchase one, even despite the fact that I really like the 7.62 x 39 cartridge. (Not much of a fan for the 5.56 cartridge though!!!) I suppose if I wanted to get a short carbine rifle, (and I Love Short Carbines!) I would just buy an AK of some description, (and I Love AK’s) Now this is not to say that there is anything wrong with a Ruger Mini 14 or Mini 30 rifle…………………….No, No, No! it’s just that “I” would rather have an AK than a Ruger Mini 14 or Mini 30 rifle,………………… purely personal choice!……………….that and the fact that an AK is a lot easier to strip down and clean!!!

So, after letting you know that I have never owned, or shot a Mini 14 or a Mini 30 rifle, lets move on to something that I do know something about, the ATI Ruger Mini 14/Mini 30 Strikeforce Stock Combo ~ Y71. As with the other Strikeforce Stocks that ATI produce, this one also is a superbly comfortable stock, platform to shoot your Ruger Mini 14 or Mini 30 Rifle from. After fitting one of these Strikeforce Stock Combo’s to your Ruger Rifle, (and they will fit either the Mini 14 or the Mini 30) you would not want to change back to the original wooden stock again……………….(They are that good) Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not a “Wood” hater on rifles. I have owned many Wooden Stocked rifles in the past and absolutely loved them. One of my favorites was a old Lee Enfield No.1 Mk3 Rifle that had, had a Parker Hale Conversion done to it many years ago. I just loved the look of it because it reminded me of the African Safari’s of the 1930′s era. A beautiful looking rifle I thought. (but that is another story to be told later on)

Getting back to the Strikeforce Stocks again………………The thing I like about them is that they are really light and very comfortable to hold, and also they have the ability (through modern technology) to be able to soak up more of the recoil that a wooden stock, which is a really, really good thing to my way of thinking. A Comfortable Rifle means – more shots on target, less flinch, quicker follow-up shots, no sore shoulder at the end of the day, (more Zombies down) smiles all round!!! Having a Side-Folding and a Sliding Adjustable Stock (Non-Adjustable & Non-Side Folding for New Zealand “A” Cat Firearms License holders) is just the “Bee’s Knee’s” for versatility and compactness, making this a Must Have accessory for all you Ruger Fans, Preppers, Survivalists and Shooters who like compact, tactical looking rifles out there.

Just Look at how much “Bang” you get for your “Buck” -

1) The ATI Strikeforce Combo comes with a Side-Folding & Adjustable, Sliding Stock. (Non-Folding & Non-Sliding Stock for New Zealand) that is a lighter weight that the original wooden stock and features a Scorpion Razorback, superb Non-Slip, Removable Recoil Pad that really takes the “Punch” out of “Judy” making these rifles a pleasure to shoot.

2) A fully adjustable Cheek Rest to accommodate both iron sights and optical sight eye levels with a 3M “Soft Touch” cheek rest pad that takes any “Cheek Bite” Recoil away making your shooting experience a very comfortable one.

3) An Ergonomic, Sure-Grip Textured, Pistol Grip with a Scorpion Razorback Recoil Pad down the back to soak up more of the recoil as well as having a Non-Slip, Sure-Grip even in adverse wet or hot, sweaty conditions.

4) A Top Strikeforce Ventilated Forend that comes with a 7 inch Weaver Rail that mounts up on top of the forend so that you can attach a scope or a Red Dot Sight, plus 3 x 2 inch Weaver Rails that mount up on either side so that you can mount your Laser and Flashlight to, and the 3rd rail mounts up underneath to attach your bipod onto.

5) 6 x Sling Swivel Studs to clip your Single Point, or your 2 Point or your universal sling to,……………so many ways to carry your Ruger!!!

6) And last but not least – 3 different colour options to match your mission terrain requirements and your personalized uniform cammo requirements, check them out on our website.

So if you own a Ruger Mini 14 or a Ruger Mini 30 rifle (or both) I would give serious consideration to the ATI Tactical Strikeforce Stock Combo……………Your Ruger will Love you for it!

Happy Hunting……………………………………..The “Quartermaster”